Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lady Loves a Swine

There was a lady loved a swine,
Honey, quoth she;
Pig-hog, wilt though be mine?
Hoogh!, quoth he.

Just saying, because it's not all about food, even though these are destined to become that.  Being on a biodynamic farm means that life, while they have it, is good - particularly when Signs takes it upon herself to sing to them.  See how they love me?   I am in good voice because I have re-joined the local choral society in time for the Christmas concert.  I have always liked this song about the lady who fell romantically in love with a pig.  I delivered it to the best of my ability.

I will build thee a silver sty,
Honey, quoth she;
And in it thou shalt lie.
Hoogh!, quoth he.

I have a feeling that they caught the pathos embedded in the lines and the melody, though the element of humour will have passed them by.  Animals are capable of much more than we give them credit for, but they have no sense of humour.  So I delivered it straight.

Pinned with a silver pin,
Honey, quoth she;
That thou mayest go out and in.
Hoogh!, quoth he.

And why should the lady not love a swine?  Stranger things have happened and romantic love, as we know, is anarchic and rarely sensible.  It has laid low many a prince and princess, and one is lucky to emerge unscathed.

Wilt thou have me now,
Honey, quoth she;
Speak, or my heart will break.
Hooch!, quoth he.

There was no possibility of a happy ending for the lady, though she probably (one imagines) went on to make a good marriage and settle down, even if the ghost of a Hooch! sometimes echoed in her dreams.  My affection for the pigs is of a more robust kind.  After singing, I went on my way and had a steak and kidney pie with a side of cole slaw in the farm cafe (yes, still on the cafe trail).  Then I visited my sheep friends.

Guess which one most took my fancy.



Anna MR said...

Aw man, they are all too gorgeous. Do please tell them there is an igloo girl person (can't really in all honesty call myself A Lady) who has immediately developed a distance-love for them.

I disagree with you about the humour thing, though, I must say. I think that for instance dogs are the cognitive equivalents of a 2–3 year old human child. Whether either the child or the dog has or expresses a sense of humour is dependent on the individual. Who knows how the swine giggle to themselves, and what about? I bet they do, you know, Signs. Although I think these swine had no reason to giggle; I think the song is such that they would take it at face value (whereas something else, you see, would make them snort and chuckle with mirth).

The song is lovely, of course, and reminds me of the fairy tale where the Princess kisses the swine herd a hundred times. Can't remember how that came about, but I hazard a guess that they lived happily ever after. Perhaps some of the herd's swine married the odd lady-in-waiting, giving cause for the song you quote.

I challenge thee to sing the ditty on video and post that.


PB said...

I could almost become romantically attached to one of these dears (pigs) (hehe)

Fire Bird said...

I wish I didn't keep doing that - t'was I.... and I am guessing it was baa baa black sheep you fell for.

Reading the Signs said...

Hmm - well if a dog is the cognitive equivalent of a 2-3 year old then Cat of Signs is the cognitive equivalent of a several months-old baby. Babies have a sense of humour, but Cat has none at all - and that ain't just because of my lousy jokes.

Princess kisses swineherd - and suffers terrible retribution for erstwhile pride. No happy ending!

You challenge me, huh?

PB and F-B, you are both welcome at House of Signs. And you did guess right, yes :)

And Fire Bird? Congratulations! Belated, I know, but still.

Anna MR said...

Yes, cats have that way of looking at you along the length of their feline noses, leaving you with no illusions with regard to the quality of your jokes (or, you know, your intellect or whatever). Haughty critters. Kinda miss having one.

Whaaaat – the swineherd dumps the Princess? Oh man. I do seem to recall now that there was a caution to this tale (ladies, do not be too proud when choosing which herd you kiss?).

I do challenge thee, yes. Or face being called "chicken".