Sunday, November 25, 2012

sunday stir fry

Sufficient unto the day the stir fry thereof.  Tofu and veg.  And what comes to mind is some lines from a poem by Noosa Lee a.k.a. That's So Pants:

           ......  "I never thought
that love was waiting somewhere.
I always thought you made it
out of what was there, like
stir fry."


Anna MR said...

That is a lovely, deeply thoughtful line from the very esteemed Mme Pants.

The stir-fry in the picture looks good, too.

We make of it what we can, do we not? Be it life, love, stir-fry dinners.


Reading the Signs said...

Yes, it keeps coming back to me - and not only when I make stir-fry.

I should probably stop blogging about food. But hei.

Anna MR said...

What do you mean you should stop blogging about food? You can and should blog about whatever the hell grabs your fine fancy, Signs. And that's an order.

So just watch it.


Fire Bird said...

I am enjoying all this food-bloggery... do you fry your tofu prior to stir-frying? Or marinade? Just asking...

Reading the Signs said...

Fire Bird, I have cooked tofu soooo many different ways, some incredibly time-consuming and complicated, and I have come down to this: using sesame oil, I sauté onions, add garlic and ginger, then tofu cut into smallish squares and haphazardly dried with some kitchen roll. After a few minutes I add the shoyu or tamari and as it evaporates it gives a nice marinated-style coating to the tofu (can also add niceties like mirin, chilli sauce or whatever). I then toss in the veg, which I steam beforehand rather than fry. seems to work better that way.

Mr. S doesn't like tofu but I do and am dismayed by all the bad press around soya these days :(

Anna MR said...

Whaaaaaaaaat? Soya has bad press? I hadn't heard – this is catastrophic news. Pray tell me more. Or don't. I don't know whether I should know and knowingly act against the new food rules, or stay ignorant and enjoy my soya (is it sauce, chunks, beans, or all of these that are bad?) without care.


Reading the Signs said...

Anna, where have you beeeeen? Yes, too much soya in the diet makes men grow breasts and women grow beards and testicles. Something like that. But it's a brilliant source of non-animal protein, so lets not go there. It's probably too late to reverse the effects anyway (surreptitiously checks nether regions and chin). Hope that's reassured you :)

Anna MR said...

Good grief.

Um, yes.

Good. Grief.

That's about all I can say to this matter of most startling content. Of course, once I've regained my mental composure, I'll start asking questions such as "how much is too much" and "surely I haven't ingested too much in a lifetime".

Not checking any place. Not in public, anyway.


Pants said...

Hi Signs

Thanks so much for the ref. Sorry for the belated response.

Hi Anna...



Reading the Signs said...

You're welcome, Pants - I love that poem.