Monday, December 3, 2012

the day today

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to hear results of Rituximab trials for people with PBC and M.E.  If you don't know what I'm talking about that's probably a good thing.  There will be a time when people look back to this as a very dark age, before lovely Research blazed a trail that found methods of treating symptoms of those with delinquent immune systems.

Meanwhile, I am back in retreat-mode with post-exertional neuroimmune exhaustion.  The view from the window is good but my camera is out of battery and Mr. Signs and his iPhone are not here.  Beside me are several packets of Christmas cards and the latest issue of Mslexia magazine.  Downstairs are rooms full of mess and muddle and a chicken that is hoping to be roasted tonight, but right now standing up does not feel like a good idea.  I am not sure if anything other than lying flat is a good idea.
Actually, yes - eating chocolate-covered marzipan is a very good idea, even if only in the short-term.
Poetry workshop tomorrow is out.  Choir practice is a don't-know.  Family party for my niece's birthday on Saturday.  If I am to make that I will have to pay beforehand with sufficient non-activity.

No vegetables to go with the chicken but no way to get to the shops today.  Damnation.  But perhaps there is a stick of celery, one sweet potato and a few beetroot.

Advent now.  I do want to send those cards.


Anna MR said...

Hei, Signs. Sorry to hear you're feeling like shite. It sounds a bit flat and trite but I am, truly, sorry to hear that. Chocolate-coated marzipan, however, is a very good thing and something you should apply liberally to most problems in life.

A stick of celery…one sweet potato…beetroot. They will make an outrageously remarkable bowlful of oven-roasted vegetables, topped with thyme. Maybe you have an onion? And you could put the whole lot, I guess, in the same oven dish with the chicken (although here my expertise is minimal, admittedly).

Sending a cup of cocoa, more chocolatey marzipan and a bottle of red wine, via the ether. Catch, Signs.


Reading the Signs said...

Yes, I have an onion - and a bit of dried thyme!

Thank you for those lovely things. Red wine, in my condition? Well the etheric kind is probably ok. I'll neck it (expression recently picked up).


Anna MR said...

Necking it is a delightful thing to say, is it not? I like the idea of necking wine almost as much as I like necking it. Verily.

Meant to say earlier, but have memory of a sieve these days (a very loose-meshed sieve) – I googled Rituximab so now I know (at least in principle) what you are talking about. I hope that children of a seriously-not-too-distant future age will read this indignant page and go, whaaaaat, they didn't put more money and Research into immune system delinquency from the start?! and that these said children will ensure that such idiocy is never repeated. Oh yes verily.

It is so cold, outside, my dear Signskins, so very cold. Although it isn't really, one just takes a couple of weeks to adjust when winter suddenly is upon us after a prolonged, damp but not-too-cold autumn. -10C°, that's 14F for you Imperial types. I could just move permanently into my big armchair with a never-ending mug of cocoa (it'd be nice if someone poured a reasonable helping of dark rum in it too), under a blanket, reading Interesting Things but not being expected to produce anything in writing myself (I've an essay due soon, as you can perhaps tell).

Let's neck some ethereal wine together. It sounds the best plan for tonight.


Fire Bird said...

I find having birds eye peas in the freezer is a boon at these times (or my equivalent - I recognise the boats we are in are not the same) Anyway I hope the chicken jumped in the oven and cooked itself for you - or at least helped.sienatl

Fire Bird said...

oh dear your WV is rendering me confused. this one says

13 oarism

which cannot be good

Reading the Signs said...

Fire Bird talking about Bird's Eye - yes! Actually one of my fave standbys is fish fingers (+ chilli sauce) with basmati rice and peas mixed into the rice.
The chicken did cook itself, yes. Then the carcass of it leapt into a pot with water where it became stock, for future soup.

Oarism - a prejudice against people who like rowing? Not nice, I agree, especially when married with the number 13.