Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I have been spending the day recovering from activity the day before.  This is one of the boring facts about life with moderate M.E.  If you do something one day then you have to leave a space the day before and after or risk relapse.  I occupied myself with fretting about Mater-related issues and trying to get hold of someone at the hospital who could give me an idea of when she might be expected to go leave.  This, after Mater telling me on the phone that things were awful and she was desperate to to home.  No-one was answering the phone on her ward though I tried at intervals throughout the day.  Eventually the hospital receptionist, fed up of hearing my voice, put me through to another department "so you can make a complaint."  A diplomat to the core, I always make myself sound as grateful and stupid as possible so as not to be though a trouble-maker.  The complaints department arranged for someone on the ward to call me back - she was super-friendly, didn't have a clue what was going on and then neglected to press the 'end call' button so my phone was out of use for a good hour while I used my mobile to try and find the person who made the call so I could at least go back to square one.  Plan for tomorrow: go to hospital, get low-down on the situation and connect with hospital social worker.  Also, get organic vegetables and take vegetable soup in a thermos to Mater, who is not eating the hospital food.

I feel as though I am going down with flu.  This would be worrying in the circumstances, were it not for the fact that this does not necessarily mean it will manifest as such.  It's an M.E. thing.  But on the other hand, flu has been known to happen and the last thing needed is for Mater to be infected with a virus.

Mr. Signs came back from London feeling low and things were a bit bleak at Signs Cottage, so we ate the best part of half a barm brack, toasted, with butter  And then my friend Cake Lady came round with a tub containing a huge quantity orange and walnut crumb cake.  I've just had a piece, with a glass of milk.  I know it's generally thought that love is all you need.  But sometimes you just need cake as well.


Anna MR said...

Sending you virtual cake through the ether, my dear. It never rains but it pours, innit; and one wonders why it has to be that way, what cosmic rule does life obey. Why, it almost makes one think there isn't any cosmic rule, rhyme or reason to it all – 

- which isn't exactly words of consolation, so I take them back. Hope you managed to sleep beautifully, that the fluey feeling has gone, and that the soup visit to Mater finds her feeling better, the hospital staff being less feckless, and that things generally sort themselves out in the best possible fashion.


Cusp said...

Miserable :( Why is it that the way hospitals operate seems to compound the problems and worries that already exist ?

Eat cake 'x' times a day before and after and between meals


Reading the Signs said...

Thank you, friends - words and virtual cake appreciated - back from horsepiddle - mater is eating bananas, I have not gone down with flu. So things are ticking over.

Fire Bird said...

love and cake

upnorth said...

Well the flu is the last thing you need, really. M.E. for me feels like a constant low grade flu, but when I 'crash' then I often think, "I'm getting the flu" but usually it's just the same old. Solidarity there.

And I agree about the cake, sometime nothing else will really do.

Reading the Signs said...

F B and Upnorth I'm glad we all seem to agree about cake :)