Sunday, November 4, 2012

how (not) to be a perfect blogger

I don't know how or why I ended up reading something about how to write the perfect blog post, it isn't as though I even aspire to writing the perfect post.  I only ever began it for the craic and the curiosity when I was having (what I though would be) a gap year out from teaching.  I knew I could only do this thing if I allowed myself free rein to speak about whatever happened to come up at any given moment, and that often the whatever would very likely be about writing or M.E.  I had never heard the word Monetise.  I didn't consider that blogging might be a useful way of promoting oneself if one had something to promote - though I quickly saw that this was what some people did.  As I had nothing to declare but my genius, or lack of it, it seemed ok to just carry on as per.  But anyway, it seems that what you have to do if you want to be a Successful blogger is first think of a topic.  You should make it a large enough topic to justify several posts.  You should also write lists, set targets, write a post a day, do an introduction, interlink your posts - and many other things it gives me a headache to think about.

My topic for the day or rather, for this very moment that I find myself in, is that sometimes there is no topic, or at any rate none that one would care to identify.  The mater has just had a partial hip replacement, but this is not a topic, nor are the circumstances around it up for discussion.  Things are difficult.

On account of the above (list ahoy!), I have missed my Lewes poetry workshop, not written as much of the things I planned to write as I would have liked, eaten quantities of sweets, had insomnia, tried to suppress the onset of old but familiar neuro-symptoms with drugs, decided that I can't go on living like this, remembered that I often decide this and life goes on.

Targets.  You will remember that on 24th September the plan was to put up a post a day until Christmas.  If you are a frequent visitor you will not be surprised that the plan has slipped a little.  Targets and me don't sit well together, and if there is fault to be found then it is with the notion of Targets, not with me because I do my best and then make adjustments whereas Targets just sit there looking cold and reproachful.  So bugger targets.  I know the author of the how to write perfect blog posts was not speaking about this kind of target.  Just saying.

I am sure I had something else to say.  But what is emerging at this very moment is that I am too tired to set it down or even remember what it is.



Zhoen said...

I like blogs that ignore the rules. Which don't exist anyway.

cakelady said...

This post is topic enough, you are writing despite everything. Enough of the sweets tho, have cake instead you know where I live.

Reading the Signs said...

Smell of cake has been wafting up to Signs Cottage.

Pants said...

Hey Signs

Your imperfect long-time blogger pal here. I think I knew when I rejected my first facebook invite back in 2006 that I was selecting a B-road option and that blogging would not lead me to a career in writing. I really wasn't up for all that gratuitous socialising. If that's what it took, then it wasn't what I wanted. Still isn't.

I'm am a blog rebel. I'm still not on facebook. I have two twitter accounts and I've never used either of them to promote my blogs or even tweet a single word. I only occasionally read the dozen people I supposedly follow. The world needs subversives and I'm happy to oblige.

Yours in cloud disobedience,



Reading the Signs said...

Pants, your blog was one of those that drew me into blogworld in the first place. I think you properly earn the subversive badge. But imperfect I can certainly do.

I'm on facebook and twitter. But How did that happen?

Fire Bird said...

where did you read this load of old tosh? i love your blog.

Reading the Signs said...

Thanks F B :), I don't know how I found the piece, it may have been a twitter link - I wasn't actually looking for Perfect Blogger advice :)