Friday, November 16, 2012

Flat White

Still on the cafe crawl, I had my first Stumpy yesterday, this being something similar to a Flat White, or at any rate a double espresso with same quantity of steamed milk.  It came with a neater white froth heart than the one in the image (nicked) above and it was more or less perfect.  The flat white has spoiled me for the latte which I now find insipid.  To the obvious fact that caffeine is bad for me, I throw my hands in the air - let god and the angels sort that one out, and cigarettes and chocolate too while they are at it.  Someone (where has he got to?) once tried to convince me that cigarettes were so good for you, Jesus Christ himself used to smoke them, though I don't think there is any actual biblical evidence for this.  Still, it is a nice thought.  Now if we can add to this the image of Jesus Christ with something approximating to a flat white then I will be happy.

I am off to deliver watercress soup to the mater, the last batch of soup not having been given the thumbprint of approval by her spousian companion.  Such is life.  Pass the Nicorette.


Jesus Christ Himself does smoke them still said...

After my – admittedly fairly brief – research on the topic, I have uncovered some undeniable evidence of Our Lord's approval of cigarette smoking.

I believe, as He is rather omniscient, He can also stop his breath, hair and clothing from carrying the scent of cigarette smoke – which unfortunately becomes unpleasant if one stops smoking (yet another good reason to keep at it, Signs).

As for the flat white…the (re)search continues.


It's all sorted, methinks said...

Okay – although it's not very easy to tell (the picture is from an angle where it's very difficult to see right inside His cup), I think we can safely assume that Jesus Christ does not oppose flat whites either.

I hope this solves all your moral dilemmas. For now, anyway.


Reading the Signs said...

oh god, this is too good - too good! The evidence here is without doubt conclusive - for the cigarettes, I mean, but it does seem as though flat whites get the thumbs up too. This means that there are bound to be cafes in heaven with Gauloises and cafe cognac. Thank you, Jesus.

Anna MR said...

Yes, the evidence does seem to support our hypotheses quite overwhelmingly, doesn't it? Very pleasing for any scientist. I am particularly delighted with the coffee
question – although perhaps less conclusive than for the cigarettes, there nevertheless is a very large body of empirical evidence supporting His endorsement of the imbibing of "the hot liquid hope".

But seriously – isn't that just too good? Too frigging funny for words? I hope you noted the wee arrow at the bottom left that takes you through 368 coffee moments with Our Lord. Man, I just wish he-who-first-brought-up-Our-Lord's-smoking-habit was here to see the evidence for His coffee habit; I am fairly certain he'd be delighted with it too.

Okay, I will go away and stop laughing at a funny of my own finding. Well okay, I'll go away to snurble at the said funny alone, rather than make a total ass of meself by thus losing my poker face.

Happy Sabbath, Signs my dear -


Zhoen said...

You lose me on the smoking. Every time. No exceptions.