Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tagged for Six

So, courtesy of Dr. But Why , I’ve been tagged again, and not before time seeing as it’s February and I’m running out of things to say. Of course I know that writing is not necessarily about having things to say. But sometimes it’s nice to have an agenda, especially when it says in black and white that whatever you put is to be “non-important.” Copying straight from But Why’s:

Rules on blog and links as appropriate. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. Tag six random people and let them know they've been tagged.

1. I like to nibble around the rim of a biscuit before eating the whole thing. This has often intrigued or annoyed people and a psychotherapist I once saw thought it was quite significant. I didn’t. We ended the relationship shortly after (not because of that) – she was too expensive and could only see me at 7.15 in the morning.

2. I am still wearing the purple shell-suit trousers and I don’t think I bought a single new item of clothing last year – or the year before that, come to think of it. Apart from Ugg boots. I am pretty happy with this state of affairs and can report that the purple trousers show absolutely no sign of wear or tear.

3. I have given up smoking (again) and can report that life without a cigarette sucks, unless my daughter is looking here, in which case life without cigarettes is wonderful in every possible way and please do as I say, not as I did. And there is always chocolate. Or sugar-free gum.

4. This is Attila the Rubbish Lady:

I made her out of waste: her body is an empty can, arms a tomato puree carton, legs a couple of empty loo rolls and hair the netting around a bag of satsumas. You will notice a few decorative features. I like her but am not sure what to do with her.

5. I have a diamond-studded diary for 2008:

This one is for writing down appointments and to-do things. I have a MsLexia diary where I keep a record of what I’ve done each day. Even on very low strength days I fill up the space. Everything counts.

6. Last summer I did 70 things – untagged. I must have been a bit out of myself, but sometimes you just begin and get on a roll; and then what happens is that all the things that seem very big and important begin to seem much less so; and all the small and seemingly insignificant things become strangely interesting – to the one who is writing them down, that is.

I’m not “officially” tagging anyone this time – but if you are looking in and drawn, consider yourself tagged let me know. And if you are looking in and repelled by the idea, consider it anyway – for the hell of it, you know.


Kahless said...

Do you need to do anything with Atilla? Or just let her be on your kitchen table?
And sometimes people read way to much into things dont you think? I laughed at what your old psych said!

Reading the Signs said...

Yes, Kahless, but I think she needs a bit of respite care. One of her breasts has fallen off and the other one seems to have gone to the middle. Also, I think she is a secret drinker.

Minx said...

Anyone who doesn't nibble all the chocolate off a Kit-kat needs a psychotherapist. It is as normal as smashing a creme egg with a hammer and eating the pieces with a pair of tweezers!

Reading the Signs said...

Absolutely yes to the Kit-kat thing, ms Minx, but I've yet to try the trick with the creme egg and tweezers. I like the sound of it though.

fluttertongue said...

Purple shell suit trousers are a fine way to be attired. And I like your waste creation a lot - perhaps you should consider being a Blue Peter presenter?

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with strange biscuit-eating habits - like pulling apart lemon creams and licking all the goodness off. Or nibbling the edges off Choco Leibniz so that there is mostly only chocolate left.

Reading the Signs said...

Hi Flutter - I'm afraid that Attila (note spelling - so as not to confuse her with the Hun) is as good as it gets. But I can make houses with loo rolls and pvc, so perhaps you're right.

Thanks for the thumbs up to trousers. They are extraordinary and will probably outlive me.

Vanilla, absolutely yes, pulling apart the lemon creams and licking is the only way to appreciate them properly. I have decided not to mention this to my shrink.

But Why? said...

I do think you're doing Attila a disservce by describing her as a rubbish lady - I think she's perfectly charming...

In principle, whilst I can accept that biscuit-rim-nibbling is probably a perfectly reasonable and sane thing to be doing, I think I'd fall into the "would be driven stark raving bonkers by the biscuit edge nibbling" if I ever came across anyone doing it in a confined space I shared. I really, really hope it's never something I have to witness.

Reading the Signs said...

It's true, But Why - I like to think she carries something of the essential being of her creator.

I suppose biscuit-rim-nibbling is something best done alone. It means one can concentrate more on the task at hand. Sometimes I used to nibble the rims and then put the middles back in the tin. Even I can see something a bit disordered in this.

Ms Melancholy said...

I heartily approve of the purple shell suit trousers. I have a passion for velour leisure wear myself. If I'm not much mistaken, one of your first comments on my blog was a bonding session regarding our fondness for in-betweeny clothes. As for the biscuit/therapy thing.....I think it's only relevant if you choose to do it naked.

It's good to be back here, by the way. Have had a rather longer than intended blog break, but I normal service is once again resumed.

Reading the Signs said...

Ms Melancholy! We did indeed, and you were one of the first to appreciate purple shellsuit trews, and they say hello to you (yep, that's how much part of me they are).

I know they aren't really track suits, but there was always something about the term "leisure wear" that bothered me slightly, though I like those velour things and wonder, briefly, why I don't have any left over from last decade (or was it the one before?). Can you still get them? I really do know zilch about shopping.

Biscuit/therapy sounds like a new kind of therapy. I'm up for it, Ms M - but would probably keep clothes on.

Delightful to see you again in House of Signs (pinched the term from Pants, but she won't mind and anyway she's in India).

But Why? said...

Tin!? Your biscuits survive long enough to provide return on investment in a tin?!?!?!!!?

Mind you, if the said rim-nibbled biscuit is a jammy dodger, I can see the attraction - the nibbled biscuit could potentially then have a layer of jam extending to the edge of the sandwiching biscuits, and thus approach the biscuit it really should have been from the outset. Damn those biscuit manufacturers and their devious ploys to trick us out of the quantity of jam which should rightfully have been ours!

My word, I haven't got this excited about biscuits for years... Anyone for a chocolate hobnob?

Reading the Signs said...

I've got a thing about biscuit tins, But Why. I probably should have mentioned this as one of my six things (especially as no-one's taken the blindest bit of notice of my diamond-studded diary). I have four of them, all given to me, one from the 1950s and another that is also a music box.

Yes, the Jammy Dodger is a frustrating biscuit. But worse is the chocolate chip cookie that does not easily release its chips: for I have this quirk also - I try to nibble the choc bits out of the biscuit, a very complicated procedure.

But Why? said...

Well, I've always had this sneaking suspicion that the chocolate chip cookie is my ideal biscuit in negative. So, take the chocolate-to-cookie ratio, invert it, and give me a cookie chip chocolate. Strictly speaking, this may not be a biscuit, but I would most certainly enjoy eating it.

Do all your biscuit tins contain biscuits??

Reading the Signs said...

Tiffin, But Why. This is the ultimate cookie chip chocolate. I had some today. My cholesterol is sky-high and I'll probably drop dead in the next ten minutes, but it is heavenly stuff. Sorry, seem to have gone off on one. Where were we?

Tins. There is one for biscuits, one for Ryvita, one for Matzos and one for rice cakes. But biscuits rule and if push comes to shove the savoury things have to find another place. I need more tins is what it is. Hate plastic tupperware things, though they do a job. Aesthetics, Dr. B - or we're all doomed.