Thursday, February 7, 2008

Be Perfect

There is perhaps something to be said for the Be Perfect “driver” (see previous post), when one is on the receiving end. This was brought to my attention by Mr. Signs today when he showed me a letter from the manufacturers of his company car. It was a Manufacturer’s Recall Notice that said:

“As a result of our constant quality monitoring process we have found there is a possibility that due to insufficient fixation of the genuine Toyota accessory rubber floor mat on the driver’s side, it may slip forward under specific driving conditions and interfere with the accelerator pedal.”

I mean, blimey! If only my dentist took this attitude I wouldn’t be sitting on a bill for hundreds of pounds worth of work which only needed doing because of “insufficient fixation” in the original work.

I wouldn’t be nursing a shocking great bruise after a blood sample was taken and the nurse said, “no, that can’t possibly be hurting you, it’s just a pin prick.”

The bastard who went into my car and left my back lights smashed would have left a note saying sorry and here’s my contact number, insurance details etc.

Or am I confusing this with professionalism, decency and empathetic engagement?

And anyway, we all know that straight roads and trains running on time isn’t everything.


Unknown said...

Yes, you are confused, otherwise the taxman would be sending me all the money he owes me along with a bouquet of flowers and some nice new shoes.

Oh, and I have landed you with an award.

Reading the Signs said...

Think yourself blessed, Ms Minx, for I have had taxmen (and I mean had) who expected me to give them money and flowers and shoes.

An award - how perfect! Some things just are.

The Moon Topples said...

Hello, Signs. I was referred here by a Google search for "Toyota accessory rubber floor mat."

OK, not really, but I keep saying those words to myself in my head now.

Per your request, I have tagged you with a meme.

Reading the Signs said...

Thank you, Moon. I've only myself to blame then.

The Toyota thing is a bit of a tongue-twister.

Kahless said...

I look forward to reading your latest meme Signs.

have you ever opened your car door and slightly scratched or marked the door of the car parked next to you? Did you leave your details?

Collin Kelley said...

I've given up on maintaining a nice looking car. It's dinged up and scratched from thoughtless people, and now I just don't care. If I lived in a city where a car wasn't necessity I wouldn't even own one. I hate them.