Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Writing Meme - IN COLOUR

This is all my fault - I asked Moon Topples to give me this one, it seemed a good idea at the time, better than getting down to actually Doing It. What can I have been thinking of?

What is the last thing you wrote?
A poem this morning.

Was it any good?
Not bad – but I liked yesterday’s one better. It’s still raw though, poems need time to cook.

What’s the first thing you wrote and you still have?
I’d need to go through everything in the loft to find out. I liked fantasy and magic and tended to do re-writes of the stories I enjoyed reading.

Write poetry? Angst?
I write poetry.

Favourite genre of writing?

Most fun character you’ve ever created?
Someone who was apparently dull and plain but turned out to have extraordinary powers and magical clothes, a gift from her witchy grandmother.

Most annoying character?
Someone’s mother who I kept trying to visualise as Gwynneth Paltrow but she wouldn’t be pinned down.

Best plot?
Whacky serial killer steals nurse’s clothes, escapes from psychiatric unit and kidnaps senior consultant psychiatrist before having sex with him and bumping him off.

Write fan fiction?
What that? Oh, just looked it up. Not my kind of thing really, but give me time - I love Doctor Who.

Type or write?
I always write poetry in longhand first, then revise on screen. Prose can be either or, but all new projects are best begun in longhand, and anyway I like pens and notebooks.

Ever go back to an old idea?
No – have lots of half-baked ideas grumbling around in files. But I don’t chuck anything out.

Favourite thing you’ve written
Whatever it is I’ve just been working on.

Do you show people your work?

Poetry and short stories – yes, I workshop with people, do readings and have published some things. Long prose pieces need privacy until firmly established, is my experience.

Did you ever write a novel?
I hate this question: two thirds of one and then I took a break. Big mistake - the characters got pissed off and left.

Favourite setting for your characters?
The one where the action happens to be, innit?

How many writing projects are you working on?
What, counting this one? Don’t know. I’m in poetry bootcamp for Lent, working on lots of things.

Do you want to write for a living?
I write for my life.

Ever written anything in script or play form?
Yes, but as poetry rather than something intended for stage or screen.

Five favourite words
Perhaps. Substance. Moon. Wolf. Death.

Which character most resembles you?
All and none.

Where do you get your ideas for other characters?
They are everywhere - enough already!

Ever write things based on your dreams?
Many writers have free access to night-vision. I am one of those.

Do you favour happy endings, sad or cliff-hangers?
Tragical-comical-ironical-satirical. And redemptive.

Ever written anything based on an artwork?
Yes, especially the work of Edward Hopper.

Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write?
No – as it comes.

Ever write entirely in chatspeak?

Entirely in L337?
What are you suggesting?

Does music help?
It’s appreciated before and after but not during.

Quote something you’ve written.

That’s poetry, he says and rubs his hands,
what more do you want? Earth and stars and
nothing in between but this.

So anyway, never being one to keep a treasure to myself, I'm thinking about who else I can tag with this. I know - Ms Pants! It's been too long since I landed one of these on her and she is a writer, so if the cap fits wear it, I always say. And Mr. Witnessing - there's another, forsooth, who deserves (in the best possible way) a meme.

Hoping that this finds you as it leaves me - in the pink.


fluttertongue said...

I first read chatspeak as chapstick, which might be almost more acceptable than the former.

I went to a wonderful Edward Hopper exhibition when I was in DC. I have to say I prefer his earlier, brighter paintings - especially those with the brick red and muted yellows. There was a whole room of paintings of the same two lighthouses which was surprisingly touching.

Reading the Signs said...

Hi Flutter, I've never actually been to an exhibition. I find his work, peopled or unpeopled, quite atmospheric and eloquent and discovered that a number of poets have written something "after" one of his paintings.

Anonymous said...

I love your answers. You are a fascinating Signs -- some answers seem so scholarly, so poetic, so. . .right and then other answers (eg, the "best plot") surprise and delight. Fascinating and lovely, Ms Signs. Always.

I am not sure that I have the chops to do it, especially as well as you and Mr Moon did it, but I will try. I am honored that you thought of me. Honestly.

Reading the Signs said...

Please do not be so modest, Mr. David Witnessing - at least you can claim to have completed a novel!

Kahless said...

L337 ???



Reading the Signs said...

LOL, Kahless! You know I know you know ;)

Unknown said...

LOL, great answers. Funny thing that about characters isn't it - behave like spoiled children - don't pay them enough attention and they get up and leave in a huff.

Reading the Signs said...

You sound like a writer of stories. Vanilla? Do the meme!

Ms Melancholy said...

I write for my life. Fabulous answer!

Pants said...

Hi Signs

Thanks for thinking of me. Sadly access to internet (or rather lack of) means I might not get around to answering for a while.



Reading the Signs said...

Ms Melancholy, I still remember the Greenham Common women chanting "we are singing for our lives" - and the phrase stuck with me.

Hi Pants, Oh, that means we'll be seeing a bit less of you - hope access improves. Meanwhile, I know you'll be writing.