Tuesday, October 9, 2012

small hours

If it is already tomorrow, but it is the small hours and you have not yet slept, does putting up a post count as tomorrow's post or yesterday's?  And does it in any case count as a post to say that it is already tomorrow and you have not yet slept? I would say yes.  Especially as I did not post yesterday, which is still today as it does not really become tomorrow until there has been a period of sleep between now and then.  So what I have come here to say is that although it is tomorrow it is actually still yesterday, or it is neither and I am therefore sitting inside the Tardis otherwise known as Signs Cottage wondering if I still exist or whether I slipped into a black hole between the stroke of midnight and the second that followed.  That is not actually what I have come here to say.  But let it stand, because the fact of my saying anything at all is a) proof that I do in fact exist and b) counts as yesterday's post.  So I am still on track.  And anyone who wants to argue with that is, in fact, a mashed potato.  Thank you.


D Phoenix said...

And if it is still today here and tomorrow there am I reading the future or the past? Is my brain mashed potatoes?

Anna MR said...

It is a scientifically-proven fact that it doesn't become tomorrow until one has slept in between today and it. Therefore, if you have total insomnia and don't sleep a wink, it doesn't become tomorrow at all, leaving you stranded in a never-ending today. Which is not a nice place to be.

We all live in the future of our pasts. Except total insomniacs, they live in the past of their futures. Trust me on this.


Cusp said...

well now it IS today but then I think that even when you, maybe, thought you were writing yesterday it was today. I only wish you had let me know sooner, because I was awake and downstairs pottering yesterday/today and we could have held our own little private two night owl workshop :) x

Reading the Signs said...

Friends, you have added a pleasing complexity to what is now, mercifully, the past of my future. Cusp, I was sending out hoots. Didn't you hear?