Thursday, October 18, 2012

Being Mrs. Pepperpot

I am in Brighton getting the flat prepared for people coming to stay.  After driving here I knew I could go to the nearest Co-op and back because the walk would be flat, but no more.  They had no lettuce or any vegetable other than Savoy cabbage and the bread was Warburtons thick sliced - perfect for bacon.  So, a supper of bacon sandwiches with decaf tea, two cherry tomatoes.  This morning, fruit and coffee plus more of the same, or I may get a takeaway from the Moroccan salad bar. Then back to the forest for my book group.

I have been thinking about Mrs. Pepperpot who is Pepperpot by name and also shrinks to the size of one, conveniently or inconveniently depending on one's perspective, when her husband is out at work.  By hook or by crook she has to negotiate the tasks of the day, e.g. housework and the making of pancakes against seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Fortunately she has this gift, that she is able to converse with animals and seems generally in harmonious relationship with the natural world, and even inanimate objects respond to her energetic commands.  Her predicament may have some resonance for someone with moderate M.E. who might appear to the world as a normally-functioning person and might well choose Mrs. Pepperpot's affliction over her own, for Mrs. P is in robust good health, whatever her size.  She also brings a cheerful acceptance to her predicament and this helps her to be creative and inventive.  Well one does what one can, and I enjoyed the bacon sandwiches.  But it is half past nine in the morning and I can already feel myself about to shrink.


Cusp said...

Oh Mrs Pepperpot: there's a childhood memory.

I feel just the same this morning. Osteopath yesterday which, somehow, resulted in 3 hours sleep and then up at 7 to drive son to bus stop for College. Will have to creep back to bed soon....and yet, to the world, I look OK.

Sometimes I wonder if being mod-severe M.E. ( I have fluctuated over the years) is really recognised as being as hellish as it is: always walking on a tightrope.

I hope home and the forest give you some rest before the group x

Reading the Signs said...

Not generally recognised, Cusp,, because we mostly do our best to present and function as Normal - just like Mrs. Pepperpot does. Only she has more fun, I reckon.

Empathy in your direction for post-osteo crash-pit x