Monday, October 29, 2012

Life has a way of pulling the rug - the mater has had a fall and is now in hospital with a hip fracture, about to have surgery, a half-hip replacement.  It happened the day before she was due to go off on a mini-cruise.  She went out to call on a neighbour, the path was wet and she slipped.  As she is very fit and in good health, things will probably turn out ok, but still, it is not nothing for someone of 89 and three quarters to go through this.  So one has an undercurrent of anxiety, and one is beetling around with hospital trips and trying to sort out a number of practical things.  And as one particularly needs a proper measure of sleep at a time like this, one has of course not slept - and one's wretched neuro-symptoms are sabre-rattling.


Sabine said...

Oh dear, but you could be right. My father is back walking and travelling 6 months after a fractured pelvis+ellbow at age 83. I think a lot depends on will power and wanting to move again. All the best.

Anna MR said...

Oh fuck.

(Sorry about my crassness, but you and I know this is a perfectly valid and proper response, under the circs. Hoping for the best, thinking about you.)


Fire Bird said...

wishing you sleep and a calm outcome to this drama