Friday, October 5, 2012


Two things on my mind today: M.E.-related stuff and Aubergine Parmigiana.

M.E. politics is so big and so deep and so messy that it's difficult to even begin talking about it.  M.E. is a neuroimmune disease - not a mental illness, not psychosomatic, not the same as generalised chronic fatigue.  This is known, recognised, understood, despite the clear necessity for continuing research.  There are those who find it very important to distort or suppress the truth.  Meanwhile thousands continue to suffer without medical or social support - some in almost unimagineable conditions.  Worth remembering the next time you read about M.E. Militants. Yes, they have sent journalists death threats.  Not good.  How is it that they have become so enraged?  And why?

Ok, food.  Family (including one vegetarian) coming for lunch on Sunday and I'd like to find a way of making the above, but without all the faff of frying each piece of aubergine because this is a long process and I can't stand for long periods (orthostatic intolerance, as any PWME fule kno).  I am thinking of cheating and baking the aubergine first but am open to advice - and suspect there may be one or two looking in here who can give it. 

Thanking you in advance (I'm lookin' atcha, Madonna!).


Mim said...

Slice and bake on cookie sheet. Just as good.


Reading the Signs said...

Ok thanks, Mim x

Pants said...

Hi lovely,

I'm growing great aubergines here at the bottom of the world and just love to make a parmigiana - something Australians have re-invented as a pub meal and called a 'parma' but we won't go there.

I would go even simpler and layer salted (sea salt, of course) thin slices of aubergine between slabs of tomato sauce (your own or a nice bottled version), a layer of boiled eggs, (if appropriate), and cheese on top. Bake for about an hour.



Anna MR said...

Umm it's nice that yer lookin – but I've never actually made aubergine parmigiana. However, you seem to have some jolly good advice already from other, cleverer folk – so that's alright and all is well.


Montag said...

I have had it a number of times baked, and I found it the equal of the fried version.

Reading the Signs said...

By all that's wonderful - Pants! How fab to see your face here again. Been following your blog (obvs) so seen you there too. Thanks for the recipe.
Wish you could beam some aubergines over to me. Been to two shops and they don't have any.

ok Madonna, I thought you were the one I'd be relying on - but all is (probably) well.

Montag, that's settled it then.

Megan said...

You might try broiling the aubergine (with a little olive oil) if you like the crispness you get by frying it. I sometimes find it gets a little soggy when baked.

Reading the Signs said...

Did some of that, Megan - thanks :)