Thursday, December 18, 2008

No, Honestly

Son of Signs is home again, and so it feels as though Christmas is coming soon. I have not set foot inside a shopping mall and barely dipped my toe inside a supermarket, being lucky to live in a village that has proper shops, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick-maker, not to mention a Tesco Express and a Co-op. Blessed.

I have been bestowed this
and been tagged by dear Kahless to write “ten honest things” about myself. My first thought was that I could pass it straight on to Cat of Signs, but she is a little preoccupied what with Son coming home, and the business of jumping in and out of his red suitcase with the air of a creature who is testing out a hypothesis of some kind. I never enquire too closely, it’s best that way. So ten honest things, and I’m assuming you don’t want to know about my favourite colour or what brand of washing powder I use. You want the nitty gritty:

I used to steal things at school just to see if I could.
I have never had casual sex.
My first best friend was called Jane and she was a bad girl - I wanted to be like her but the closest I got was stealing things.
I used to want to be a social worker, but no college would have me.
Just as well.
I recently spotted an ex-lover in a short film on someone’s blog.
John Osborne said that cold-heartedness disarmed him. I feel the same.
I appreciate nice people. I think nice is underrated.
Last year I did the Lightning Process because of M.E. It didn’t work.
I can’t think of anything else that I would like to identify - oh yes: my middle name is Susan.

But lovely Cusp has sent me a gift. It is a pouch full of magic, talismanic things, a Happiness Kit, and I will have a use for all of them.


Zhoen said...

That is a very cool sign.

I may turn that one around...

Reading the Signs said...

Zhoen, be my guest, and take the list to do also. I meant to offer it as a free-for-all at the end of the post.

north said...

lovely - you anyway are honest. It's what I love about your writing - it could become a novel - one thousand truths
much love xx

Reading the Signs said...

One thousand, Ms North? Lawks-a-mercy, I had trouble enough finding ten that I could bear to admit to. But I catch your drift, lovely poet x

Kahless said...

Great list Signs. You inspired me to have another go at the meme!!!!

Well I was inspired by your revealing that you stole things at school. Reminded me of what I stole as a kid.

john baker said...

A happiness kit. I want one of those. You can actually buy a happiness kit to replace the one you didn't bring with you?
Can we have more details please, model number, price, delivery, etc. etc.
Oh, and are there any drawbacks?
That would be so cook, I could get one for my friend, knowing when I wished her a happy christmas (solstice, whatever)she would have an even chance of making it work.

Reading the Signs said...

Kahless, what I revealed was the tip of the iceberg, so to speak :)

Reading the Signs said...

John, you can't buy this kit. It has to be made for you, or you could also make it yourself. If you'd like to see it up close, have a look here

I feel intuitively the the kit would not be as potent if it were bought in a shop. The magic is in the making.

No drawbacks that I can identify - but I will keep you informed.

Rising Rainbow said...

That happiness kit seems to be going around....pretty cool.

As for stealing things as kids, didn't most of us do something along those lines?

Reading the Signs said...

Yes, RR, I'm sure many did. I could just as easily have put something about bunking off school or picking my nose - but that was what popped into my head :)

Anna MR said...

Just to let you know I enjoyed your list, too, seestah. I need to do two things now - look at that happiness kit thing (sounds good) and go over your more recent post very carefully, again, more than once.

In the meantime, though, sees, I'm being told eyeds. Somehow a bit like Ancient Greek - something like the Pleiades, maybe (and upon looking into Wiki just now, I find that Calypso was one, and I used to think a lot about her, at one point in my life) - but it also clearly seems to say "eye da S". S stands for Signs, and signs. So I feel.

Mwah-mweh x

Kahless said...

You know I never bunked off school. Not once. I now wish I had!