Monday, December 1, 2008


A fellow blogger of my acquaintance has set herself the task of putting up a post a day. It is day two and she is already cursing – this is good, shows the zen is kicking in because hey, when the resistance manifests you know what you’re up against. I should be so lucky. Wait, what am I saying? Well first off I have never been much bothered by having nothing to say and could fill up screens and screens of words all about the saying of it – the nothing, I mean. But my courage fails me. Here, I think, my blog friend has the edge. For before you can even say John Cage I have taken the nothing by the scruff of the neck and turned it into something – in other words, reader, I chicken out: I wriggle, I contort, I think about what’s for breakfast tomorrow and there is no zen master to come and tap my spine, or whatever it is that they do, to bring me back to the nothing that my monkey mind is busy trying not to address.

But on the other hand there is always Shrink. My words fall into his cavernous etheric space and as far as I’m concerned this is as good as a hefty dose of zen for we are brought back to the nothing more times than I would care to count. And in the nothing there is always the something which is deeply and unutterably mysterious, or it is deeply and mysteriously unutterable, or it is the dog’s bollocks, but we have to go on because we are committed to the Process.

And sometimes one lacks a little in the Commitment department.

I thank you.


That's So Pants said...

Hi Signs

I wrote a post a day for the best part of a year. I had a system, the internet at home and hardly any readers. I think you get a bit more self-censoring when you know you have an audience.



Zhoen said...

National blog writing month was November, but the idea can work anytime.

Reading the Signs said...

Pants, I loved it when you wrote a post a day. Thinking of doing it again? There will be readers but you can just pretend that we're not there.

Zhoen, ah - that must be NaBloPoMo. No, hang on, I just checked - that's this month. Now I'm challenged.

Nicola said...

Is this something to do with Advent - a time of grace - that you, Anna, and the lovely pony have arrived in a trinity of blogs? Lovely, very, to read you all again. (Can you pass this message on, dear Signs?)

Kahless said...

I am afraid I have nothing to say either!!

Reading the Signs said...

hello Nicola, well it may be, I can't rightly say - I just thought if Anna was doing it then I would too. I'm either just a copycat or there's something in the air.

Kahless dear, join the club. The best people, you know.

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