Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am lagging behind a bit – with everything really. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, reader, so I know where I’m heading. If intentions had been converted into effective action I could have (in random order):

spruced up the old house and had everything ship-shape in time for the “festive season” – but who needs a clean and tidy house to eat cake and Lebkuchen is what you are saying to yourselves, right?

written the first draft of a novel. Is it my fault that the characters started to behave like teenagers who had been press-ganged into having Sunday tea at auntie Mildred’s and then buggered off the moment I turned my head?

ordered all my Christmas presents online and wrapped them. Bah humbug. No-one apart from the immediate Signs family members is getting anything this year – well perhaps a beeswax candle or a jar of bramble jelly. But the Signs children (aged 23 and 21) still believe in Father Christmas and expect filled stockings.

severed any remaining dangerous or toxic liaisons. Life is complicated. Life goes on.

dealt with at least one of the issues that caused me to commit a considerable amount of time and money to seeing Shrink. See above.

carried on writing my dream journal (Shrink would like this) – but by the time I wake up I’ve mostly forgotten them.

gone to the dentist. Don’t even want to think about that.

persuaded the mater to accept my Babette’s Feast of a Christmas dinner, thereby resolving all our difficulties past and present. As if.

cut my toe nails.

Ok, the last is achievable. In fact I think I’ll deal with that one right now. I’m a pro-active son-of-a-gun when I have a mind to be.


Anna MR said...

Hei Signs - and hurrah for toenails, hurrah for a funny surprise pay-off at the end of such a multi-level post of beauty threaded through with things, and - most of all - hurrah for you.

I absolutely must sleep in about three minutes flat, but I felt I needed to mouth out my uncloaked appreciation first.

(PS - Aizerba - the ancient practice of having secret rooms in one's dreams)


Kahless said...

Hey I am off to hell!

Zhoen said...

I preferred not to have gifts from parents, or parents-in-laws, too much... erahumthankssoum.

Took me three days to get my nails trimmed last week, kept meaning to.

Reading the Signs said...

Anna, it is only someone with real insight such as yourself who can find the hurrah in particulars such as toenails. But these things count, and so therefore do we. (WVLs are calling me a drama queen now - actri!

Kahless, save a place for me there. Mine's a double.

Zhoen, I sometimes forget until they make holes in the socks. But it has this virtue of being a small, achievable thing.

Collin Kelley said...

My apartment is showing signs of benign neglect, as our my toenails, and you're reminded me I need to do something about both.

Ms Melancholy said...

I so know where you're at. I haven't even made a christmas cake this year.....a sure sign of domestic lassitude.

I am now off to google Aizerba - thanks Anna MR :)

Reading the Signs said...

Collin, I like the idea of "benign" neglect. I suppose mine is fairly benign too in the sense that I mean no harm. Kitchen floor needs a wash, though.

Hi Ms M - haven't even made a Christmas cake? The year I did that I basically devoted an entire week to the operation. And then it fell apart (too long in the oven) and I was obliged to eat most of it myself.

Please keep me informed about the Aizerba.