Saturday, December 6, 2008


It was my niece’s birthday today and I ate cake. It was a Fullers walnut cake (original recipe) and looked like this.

The inside is subtle and substantial, familiar and surprising. The icing is crisp and melts in the mouth. One slice was not enough. And then I came home and ate some of the butter stollen someone had given me. Cake is like that – once you have it you want more.

I have been cutting out sugar, wheat and refined carbohydrates recently because it is in the long run much better for me. But tell that to the packets of chocolate lebkuchen stacking up in the kitchen.

Tomorrow there are people coming for tea and I made an orange an almond cake which looks like this.

It is wheat-free and low on sugar (if you cheat by using half sucralose).

I think about cake more than most people realise.


Anna MR said...

And with cakes that look like that, who can blame you? Not me, that's for sure - I think I might be thinking about those cakes, too.

Reessel, incidentally, is clearly a derivative of the verb essen. They know our thoughts, Signs, the WVLs do.

Mouse said...

Cake is one of life's blessings

Reading the Signs said...

Anna, I shall take your words to heart and not blame myself either.

(I know, I know. I can feel them watching and listening).

Hi Mouse - yes, and wisely said. A simple truth.

nmj said...

I am really not a fan of cakes - a wee spoonful is enough - but give me a bowl of crisps or nuts and I will eat them like an addict.

word ver: obosespa

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Now you've made me think about cake and that's just cruel! Shame on you, Signs!
And don't even talk to me about lebkuchen, I snarfed two tiny ones yesterday and really paid for my sins. Sigh.
You are so lucky you can eat cake, go eat more now, for me, please!

Anonymous said...

cake - great photos of cake.You are a wonderful writer of food - and of course so much else but there is something about Miss Signs and good real food that wants to take me down to the kitchen and on with the apron
happy advent

Reading the Signs said...

Nasim, the word "obese" is almost in there, isn't it? The WVLs are getting cheekier, I have noticed. Nuts and crisps I like very much too. But cake is King.

You are looking really glam today, you know.

Vanilla, how can you have a name like that and not be able to eat cake? I will gladly oblige and eat some more for you - but wonder if the orange and almond recipe might be ok for you as it's gluten free.

Anonymous dear, I think I know who you might be. But I may be wrong. 'Tis the "happy advent", ye ken. Have one yourself too x

nmj said...

hey signs, i didn't think of obese, i thought of oboe! the word vers are so cheeky, they know what we are writing in our posts, i'd swear it...

thanks for saying i look glam, i think one of my blog friends is not sure of my new photo, but it is from my launch & i kind of like it.

word ver: sticulfe

a mixture of wet concrete?

Collin Kelley said...

Mmmm...suddenly I want cake.

Anonymous said...

dear one - somehow I came over as anonymous! ach me and technologeeee

Reading the Signs said...

I've liked all your photos, Nasim - different aspects and moods. I'm still triangular but might change this in the new year.

Collin, I'm going to be making a gingerbread house soon and will post up pics for your delectation.

Well you ticked the Anonymous box, didn't you darlin? Even if you didn't know you did :)

Tall Girl said...

oh yum