Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding Susan

So - I promised I would shout if there was any improvement. Reader, I can't even give you a squeak. I was in a bad way before the new Regime and I am still in a bad way, just differently. No electricity - good, very good; more fatigue, fog-in-the-head and general M.E.malaise - not brilliant.. It is of course early days. With the exception of some lovely time spent with Daughter on the weekend, most of my waking time and available energy is given to the getting and preparing of the food concoctions I'm supposed to be having. I can safely say that vegetables and I seem to get on ok but I don't know about anything else. I'm not really thinking about sugar any more, haven't touched it in a while - craving is all directed at getting better. I feel as though I have gone backwards into the earlier years of M.E. This is perhaps to be expected, but I was scared then because I was frantic about what had happened to me and desperate to be well enough to look after my baby and toddler; I have spent this year mostly housebound and do not want any further deterioration. On I go - hope is my middle name. Actually, Susan is my middle name, as I revealed here before. It means 'joy of life'. Yes.


Zhoen said...

Well, R the Susan S,

Hang in there. No electricity is a damn fine start, whatever other setbacks. The fresher the vegetable, the happier the vegetable.

Cusp said...

Kind of a cliche, but quite often with these changes in regime one does feel a bit worse before one feels hang on in there...x

BTW...lovely the verification for this 'trool'...what a wonderful word :O)

Fire Bird said...

desperately seeking Susan? you sound mostly calmer and more pragamatic for which you have my admiration.

WV - aningul
(some kind of bird I'm thinking)

Reading the Signs said...

Zhoen, I get a fabulous box of organic veg delivered every week. The carrots look ecstatic!

Cusp, I would go so far as to say one feels a lot worse. And this is the risky part. But my HP is on the case.

F B, I nearly called the post Desperately Seeking Susan. But then I thought of all the hopeful people looking for the film of that name ...

Anonymous said...

These diets always take a lot of effort I find. My acupuncturist said to me (when I told him about my 10 day sugar free diet) that he would expect more cognitive issues due to lack of sugar. Not that I was avoiding carbs but it probably takes the body a while to adjust. Hope you see a benefit soon. I am eating fruit sugars and quite a lot of them it seems. Am mostly avoiding the refined stuff though but not sure I feel any different.

Saw your breakfast smoothie on other post. I have porridge made from rice flakes, quinoa flakes and a bit of whole roasted buckwheat. I soak it overnight for a quick cook. It is good actually, with coconut or rice milk. Coconut is best! Similar idea to yours... Hard to get any milks that are not sweetened a bit, but it's usually with fruit sugars. I tried bought almond milk which had agave syrup in it (supposed to be bad actually) and it was so sweet it was vile! Have made my own but it's too much like hard work.

What do you mean no electricity? No nerve-type feelings in body? That would be nice.

I feel your frustration at feeling so bad lately and not being able to get on with things, creative or otherwise. Drives me up the wall!

Reading the Signs said...

Ashy, I am not having any sugars at all, and the only fruit I have is low-sugar (berries + apple or pear) with morning smoothie. It really is hardcore (dealing with Candida, amongst other things), my diet is really quite restricted and I anticipate being on it for quite some time. If there is improvement it will have been worth it.

Yes, the electricity has completely eased up in the more alkalinised environment of me. That is very good. Other things not so good, but it's early days.

I couldn't do this on my own, without the support of a nutritional therapist who seems to be very on the ball.

It is hugely time-consuming! I've just made an enormous pot of vegetable soup which will hopefully last a few days.