Wednesday, June 29, 2011

vegetable wars

I like my new Health Practitioner. This is good because I feel committed to this road I have unexpectedly taken, and may be with her for some time. I have nothing to lose except money, and she is better value than Shrink, whatever the outcome. M.E. god is offended and fighting me with every means at its disposal. I am fighting back with vegetables and a conviction that things have got to be better than this, and will be. I am not sure where the conviction comes from. It rather goes against what one knows about M.E. But I am nothing if not open-minded (just don't remind me about the Lightning Process). I am changing the environment of me, the inside of me I mean, you know - guts, tubes, intestines and whatnot - working from the inside out. I'll keep you informed.
So this is the project right now. Mr. Signs is away in the States on business and I have given myself body and soul to my own business, which is food preparation and trying to get the eating of it (timing, quantities) right. The cat is happy because I spend more time in the kitchen, which she likes, or in bed. She never did like me staring at a screen and tapping keys.

I met a woman in the village today who I haven't seen for some years. She said, you used to write all those - things, didn't you? I don't know if she had actually read or heard any of my things, but I suppose one has a reputation. She wanted to know if I was still doing that. I said yes. Because it's still what I'm for, the Writing, and will be - when I get stronger.


trousers said...

Hi Signs, it pains me to visit after a relatively long time, to find that things haven't been going so well health-wise. Forgive me if that's an inadequate statement in terms of the state of your health too.

I wish you well, as always (well, when I'm around to actually wish it, which hasn't been much lately has it?) - and the best I can say right now is that I hope the prospects of improvement via this nutritional approach, are as good as the title of this particular post.

Zhoen said...

When it's so chronic, "get well soon" doesn't really mean much, does it?

Progress, courage, broccoli!

Cusp said...

I think that the change in attitude brought about by the feeling that you are taking charge/have some power over that old fmiliar spectre...makes you feel stronger.

I hope all the broccoli juice and roughage works its way into the head and down the arm to the writing you can write lots more 'things' and stop having to give your energy to The Bastard

Reading the Signs said...

Trousers! Herr Hosen it is good indeed to see you. I'm glad you liked the title. Between you and me, I pictured myself, Obi-Wan Kenobi-like, with a cucumber, ready to do battle.

Zhoen, yes, and if one pictures a plate with courage and progress on one side (representing protein and carbs) and broccoli on the other half, it offers a kind of picture of how things are!

Cusp, I think this will be a long journey. I'm prepared to do whatever it takes, as long as I sense there will be improvement. When/if that happens, I really will feel I'm taking charge.

I'm not having anything at all that isn't 100 per cent healthful right now. That has to be a good thing ..... ?