Friday, December 31, 2010

"it furthers one to have somewhere to go"

From the tail end of the year, from the middle of the holy nights that probably no shepherd or wise man is watching, from the most pure and pristine exhaustion whereby mortal coil is all but shuffled off, from the Edge, the razor edge, the margin, from no-man's-land - greetings to y'all, dear peeps, and may the new year find you as it leaves me: hopeful and trusting that great goodness in all its extraordinary manifestations will find us open-hearted and ready, but please god not so stupid in the hereafter as in the heretofore and with clout enough to kick the enemy a good one up the tucchus should need arise.

Getting ready to consult the I Ching oracle now - and if the Signs are not manifestly and exceedingly auspicious then I'll be calling on the ghost of Richard Wilhelm to tell me the reason why.


Zhoen said...

A suffusion of yellow.

Cusp said...

Happy New Year, Signsie :O)

Hope the I Ching foretold wonderful things for 2011

The wvls say scouti said...

Rightso Signs (Zhoen, Cusp) - hei, Happy New Year. We are living in Science Fiction Land, surely? Before we know it, we'll have to be voting for people born in the 2000s (let alone them fixing our teeth and (ailing) bodies). God, how time flies when one is having fun, no?

It is good to see you posting, Signs, ushering in the year. Excellent. And I would like to take a moment to thank Zhoen (thank you, Zhoen) for the electronic I Ching. While I find it difficult (so shoot me) to put my faith in a person called Dirk Gently (sorry, Dirk), I did the I Ching anyhoo (you, Signs, may recall I am a bit of a novice with this thing, with one I Ching behind me only). It peeves me that blogger won't allow me to paste the lovely wee marks, but what I got was Li and Chi'en (which sounds like a dog, no? How apt, how lovely), and this little ditty:

 You/They Have Strong Personal Current. Express It In A Modest And Unselfish Kind, So That People Will Report With You Naturally. These Are Good Times For You. You/They Have The Potential For Material And Professional Success. Take Advantage Of Your Largest Virtues And Keep Away You From Evil Influences.
Line 3: Properties Can Help You Only, If You Use Them/It/Her, To Profit Your Community

I would now like your expert analysis and interpretation of this, please.

With every possible sparkly blessing and plenty of cope-strength for the coming year,


Reading the Signs said...

Zhoen, thank you for that link - though I have to say that I tend to stick to the good old Richard Wilhelm translation with foreword from Mr. Jung because, well that's the book that has been on my shelves for years.

Cuspchen, and a happy one to you too, and your lovely star still hangs on the door and I like it so much I will probably let it stay there.

I Ching says Retreat and other inauspiciously-sounding things, but it actually makes its own kind of sense.

Friend of the WVLs, it's all very well to say scouti but blogger is not yet feeling up to putting me through to the link. I should join the Girl Guides, is it? I never did do that, you know, so it's probably high time.

Number 14 is just plain damn lucky and auspicious, so please enjoy - and whatever it is you are doing, carry on doing it with the proviso that you don't do anything I wouldn't do. No, ignore that last bit, and we won't say anything about the cigs, agreed?

I had number 33 with "changes" in the third, fourth and fifth lines - which then gave me 23. From Retreat to Splitting Apart.

I think a post is called for to process these.

Blessings on your house.

Reading the Signs said...

Dang and blast, I still can't get through to the Scoutis and it's bugging me. I might be missing out on the one thing I really need to know for the coming year. Just so you know, though - I did join the Brownies for one day. Well, not properly join as I never did pledge my allegiance to the queen etc. but I did dance around the mushroom or whatever, singing we are the fairies bright and gay, helping others every day.

culti - quite so.

H. said...

Hmmmm. Forsooth, Mme Signs, it may be for the best if blogger lets you not look at what came in through the link letter box, especially given the importance you seem to attach to it ("I might be missing out on the one thing I really need to know for the coming year"). For it was a short interview with a mathematical loonatic, who claimeth the world shall come to a sticky end of Rapture not 2012, as some (as he calleth them) loonies say, but in 2011 - 21st May, to be precise. So forgetteth that link and listeneth instead to my song.


Digitalesse said...

Happy New Year, Signs. I don't understand this mystic stuff but in Scotland we say "May yer lum always reek" (or something like that)!

Reading the Signs said...

H, for heaven's sake - you expect me to relax after hearing this? I will be chewing my fingernails until 22nd May (assuming that we all survive the Rapture). Your song will have to counteract all this, and I expect it to!

Digi, and a happy one back atcha too. Don't know what a 'lum' is but assuming it is something that should be reeking, I hope yours does too!

Fire Bird said...

my old shrink used to talk about a 'golden thread' running through our lives, linking all the apparently wild, disparate and random elements... may we all discern our golden thread...this year and always!

Reading the Signs said...

Amen to that, Fire Bird. Happy new year.