Saturday, December 4, 2010



'tis I said...

Signs. Thank you for sharing. The world needs more of this stuff, don't you think? Especially in consumerist hell-holes. I had a thought not long ago, about how the world really *could* be - I mean, there's no scientific reason against it, to my knowledge - a place where the most attention and energy wouldn't be spent on enticing me (and millions of my kind) to spend more, so that in this imaginary world, for instance, the adverts on bus stops would instead display, I don't know, site-specific art and music, especially created to be displayed on bus stops, giving a lift to those waiting for a ride.

Or something.

But perhaps you catch my drift.

Did you get to London? How I hope so. We, too, have a metre of snow, and more is falling. I have bought myself a coat made of llama wool (second-hand, goes without saying). It is the warmest thing ever, and the cut is tantalisingly granny. Hurrah.

Multi many mwahs


Fire Bird said...

oh this is utterly wonderful - made me cry actually! thanks for sharing... yes, I'm with tis I - let's fill the world with poetry, music and art. At the moment tis filled with snow and that makes such projects hard to plan... but this is certainly an inspiration.

Reading the Signs said...

Yes, I do think that, 'tis you (that sounded like a sneeze but wasn't meant to be). I think it's entirely right and proper that one should have Redeemerly manifestations of an artistic and uplifting nature in the shopping mall.

Yes, got to London - via Gatwick, and back, somehow, big adventure x

Fire Bird, glad you like it - it's one of those things that really does succeed in being moving and uplifting, I think. And makes me want to go to Sainsbury's, climb onto a mountain of seasonal biscuits and - well actually I couldn't do the Hallelujah on my own. Could I?

(Can you believe these Word Verification Leprechauns? They are saying yeses!)

Gael said...

Thanks for that : )

I like the bitter sweetness of this:

(even though I have some vague rememberance of you not being so keen on Rutter, I'm sure WS can't offend)

Reading the Signs said...

Well that's rather nice, Gael.

I'm not a great Rutter fan, but it's the saccharine ones I particularly don't like, especially as I had to sing a few of them in the choir. I'm an alto so lots of aaahhhs and oooohhhs whining in the background :)

trousers said...

This stuff has a habit of cutting through my cynicism like a hot knife through butter.

Reading the Signs said...

I know what you mean, Trousers - it is utterly disarming.

Montag said...

Wonderful. Thanks so much.

Reading the Signs said...

Montag, I just spotted that you put this up over at yours also :)