Monday, January 3, 2011

splitting apart

So lets talk about lard. I have jars of it in the fridge, courtesy of an unimaginably expensive goose that we cooked for Christmas. I have been eating some of it (temporarily lapsed vegetarian) on toast. It reminds me of the schmalzbrot I used to eat as a child. In case you don't know, schmalz means lard - pork lard, usually, made flavoursome with onions, apples and juniper berries, perhaps. It doesn't figure much in what most people hereabouts nowadays think of as a healthy diet. But if you're going to kill a goose at least give it the respect of eating and appreciating every bit of it, even if most of it is lard. I boiled up the carcass and made two substantial soups out of that. The lard, though, is going to be a problem unless I can find a way of sharing it around, unlikely as I'm surrounded on all sides by vegetarians. People used to make soap out of goose fat and ashes, or rub it on wounds. Perhaps I'll get to work making useful products out of lard and set up a stall in the village centre where there is much enthusiasm for recycling of all kinds. I might even recycle myself as I am fast turning into a tub of schmalz. Yes indeed, I feel a meltdown coming on. Actually, lets stop talking about lard. But lardy cake, just saying, is a wonderful thing, especially if you want to gain a pound or two in the eating. Which I don't.

So lets talk about resolutions. You don't need to have made any to talk about those, but I actually did make some on the cusp between last year's end and this one's beginning, which is already feeling some distance away. Something to do with managing my emotions better so as to conserve energy - and what writing project to focus on. Poetry was what I decided but, like I said, that was then, and I am drawn also by the idea of continuing with prose project. Last year I wanted a clear Sign as to which way I should go and I did win a poetry prize. But on the other hand I also got a story short-listed. On the third hand, poetry is probably going to win because it's simply more practical for me to focus on that now. So managing emotions is going to be much more of an issue, but as I've made a resolution about those it's all in the bag. Sorted.

The post heading, by the way, is from I Ching and the less said about it the better, although it could by a stretch of the imagination be referring to my trousers if I carry on with the lard. The judgement says: "It does not further one to go anywhere."


'tis I said...

"It does not further one to go anywhere." But that is a nice judgment, surely? For that would indicate that staying where you are (maybe with the possibility of making it an improved-where-you-are) is the right thing to do - no forced scurrying about going places. I am reminded of the wisdom of My Mum, who sneers at people wanting to travel the world and gather what she deems as "shallow experiences"; by contrast, she lives "in the depth dimension". (Her words, k? And no, she doesn't scurry about round the world, no.)

Well you know. Here's me doing the positive thinking bit. I kind of wish I hadn't, now, but there it is, and no deleting.


Zhoen said...

Positive resolutions only. We can't "not do" we can only do.

I shall dance more.

Can one make soap or candles from goose grease? Feed birds with it? There must be uses other than eating, if one has had enough.

Reading the Signs said...

Well I like the wisdom of Your Mum, 'tis you, and am with her "in the depth dimension", especially as I am not much travelled and unlikely to be. But the Oracle is not speaking in those terms, no. Rather, it is due to circumstances being so overwhelmingly inauspicious that it's simply best to lie low. If the cap fits, wear it, say I. And pooh to positive thinking (sorry Eric and Ernie).

Zhoen, ah yes, positive. But as I've just said pooh (see above), this leaves me in a quandary. Soap is already in the bag (goosefat and ashes), and candles - yes.

Seriously though, feeding the birds is a great idea. They need sustenance right now. Must look at recipe for making fat balls.

Fire Bird said...

oh yum lardy cake. my mum used to buy it sometimes.

Mim said...

Hello, Signs:

Tried to post on "Changes," but was unsuccessful. Had just posted Zen on my blog then went to yours and found--you know!--Zen thoughts, etc., gracefully, deftly expressed.

Changes, all right.

Warm regards from South Beach

Reading the Signs said...

Mim, warm thoughts back atcha too. Glad you picked up the Zen :)