Tuesday, January 1, 2008

To Boldly Go

I am not yet able to divulge the signs for Signs because I haven’t got round to doing the new year I-Ching. I sense, however, that they will be auspicious. Intuition tells me so and this, it seems, is down to my having a predominantly “feminine” brain. Him Outdoors has got a book called something like “why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps”and the multiple-choice quiz thing has revealed this piece of wisdom. What it can’t tell me, thank goodness, is why I feel as I do at new year – that I can pick up in the ether, as it were, something about what might be coming to me in the year ahead. It isn’t so much about good or bad; more a kind of flavour that I can (imaginatively) taste. So I say that the year ahead is auspicious, but quietly so. A vanilla custard rather than a spiced beef in red wine followed by death- by- chocolate. Please do not have issues about the word vanilla, it is a taste I like very much and a vanilla year will be quite acceptable. It is wonderful, this faculty – an inner alethiometer that reveals the truth about things. You will have to see The Golden Compass to know what an alethiometer is. Better still, read Philip Pullman's Northern Lights (the film was predictably an edited highlights version of the story). Even so, I have begun the year with a fast-developing head-cold, but nothing bad enough to dampen the vanilla-scented flame of optimism that burns exquisite mellow in my sentient soul. If I sound a little unhinged, put it down to that, I won’t mind.

I began this blog a year ago exactly. One of the reasons for beginning it was for regular writing practice and another was because there were blogs I was enjoying and I felt like joining in. On reflection, I think that blogging is good for blogging rather than anything else and I did ask myself at one point whether it might be better to stop. But I like it so I won’t. Most people I meet (unless they are bloggers) are very sniffy about this activity of ours, and it seems, dear blogfriends, that we have been getting rather a lot of bad press. But we don’t care, do we? I should coco!

On we go, best feet forward. Our Mission: to boldly go where no sniffy blogsnob has been or is likely to venture. Be seeing you.


Kahless said...

Happy New Year to you dear Signs.

I too sniff the vanilla in the air. I feel quite excited about this year, an intangible feeling that good things will happen. I really do feel that in my spirit.

And as for non bloggers - well people sneer in RL at me when I say I have a blog. But we know the lure and attraction. Stuff them they do not know what they are missing. I love it too; it enriches my life and I know so much more about the world as a result and I love that too.


Reading the Signs said...

Kahless - that good-looking animal (snow-leopard?) is, I take it, your daemon? Very fine too.

I am glad you can smell the vanilla and that we are tuned in to the same frequency.

A happy and fragrantly delicious new year to you.


Collin said...

Happy New Year.

Keep blogging. To hell with those sniffy people. What do they know. :)

Reading the Signs said...

and a good one to you too, Collin.

Congratulations again on winning that prize - look forward to seeing the book.

cusp said...

Well my dear, this is pleasingly upbeat and I'm mighty glad 'tis so. I love the idea of you being like a bear coming out of its snowy cave and sniffing the frosty air for omens of the year to come.

Happy New Year.

And to those as say blogging is a spent force,no longer trendy or a waste of time I say --- get stuffed !


cusp said...

Oh and by the way, vanilla is one of my favourite flavours too ---though not those ghastly vanial scented thingies to line drawers of in candles. I like eat my vanilla.

Reading the Signs said...

Agreed, Cusp, lining the drawers with vanilla is something up with which we will not put.

"a bear coming out of its snowy cave and sniffing the frosty air for omens of the year to come" - yes, I like. Though usually I consider myself more deer than bear. With the occasional touch of cat.

Happy Year to you.


Kahless said...

I believe a white lion Signs and maybe my daemon; a good one too.

Kahless said...


Reading the Signs said...

Happy new year, White Lion.

trousers said...

Blogging makes me think about certain things in a structured way, and sometimes helps to give me insights into things (whether about myself or about others) which I previously may not have been aware of, or at least not fully.

Oh, and it's also fun and entertaining!

I know I've said this already, but Happy New Year.

Reading the Signs said...

Hearing it again is good, Trousers. Because "happy" hasn't always been high enough on my list of priorities, but in this vanilla year ahead I would like it to be.

I think what you say about blogging may be true for me too, especially as I usually start off not really knowing what I'm about to say.

Nicola said...

Just to say I'm very glad you are going on with your blog and also...
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I like the tone here -- "the year ahead is auspicious, but quietly so." I like the reflection, but also the resigned hopefulness, the comfortable "best feet forward" feeling. I shall try to follow suit, as best I can, feeble-minded and weak-willed

Congratulations on one year of blogging and many, many happy thoughts to you in the new year (and always).

Anna MR said...

Hei, Number 6. Happy Blog Birthday, if a mite late, as well as the most Auspicious New Year in Vanilla imaginable.

You know that I know that this stuff wouldn't be the same without you. So keep on keeping on, and be seeing you.

Reading the Signs said...

Hi Nicola - good of you to say so. A happy one to you too - and will we see you, perhaps, open a chink in the blog?

David, feeble-minded you are not, nor (I would guess) weak-willed; well, no more so than the rest of us. But listen up: it takes a certain amount of will to do this thing we're doing - is what I tell myself, anyway.
Your warm comments always appreciated. Happy thoughts to you too.

Har, Anna, trust you to know me in my many disguises (takes off fake moustache and removes parrot from shoulder). But who is Number 1? We never found out, nor should we, and that's the truth.
Now it's very good to see you here, and that stuff about the stuff - right back atcha and all.

Ms Baroque said...

Yes but RTS, what was your intuition about the beginning of last year? I'd love to know.

Reading the Signs said...

Ms B - taken from my very first post:

"We threw coins for the I-Ching last night. I was a bit drunk, he was very drunk and the signs were not auspicious for either of us – something about stagnant ponds and the darkening of the light."

And see current post.