Saturday, January 12, 2008

Seeing Green

I am having a few problems with The Signs. We have finally got round to doing the new year I Ching. His was quite upbeat and seems to indicate good times just around the corner, whereas mine placed me – again – on the edge of things. Retreat, it indicates, and not for the first time, seems to be the only course of action possible. We’ll see about that. At the moment, though, I can’t really challenge that one too much as I am riddled from head to toe with Symptoms. And also, to boot, someone went into the back of my car last night and has broken one of the rear lights - this on the very same day I got it serviced and the front lights fixed.

Fortunately I have another card up my sleeve:

I say fortunate, but actually it took a sign-reading friend to point out the colour of the sky, the not unattractive place in the distance and the green that is even now sprouting from the wands that appear to be blocking the path ahead.

And also, to boot: I have written a poem and have another one brewing; and this, whichever way you read it, is a very good sign.


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Retreat and movement and expansion - perhaps a bit of balance of both is required! All that movement and expansion will be bound to call for some quiet times.
Exciting signs!

Rabbit said...

Hi Signs
Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Sorry I misinterpreted your post on the lightening process. I take in very little of what I try to read and guess when I read, "felt normal" my brain got too happy and stopped paying attention :)

Maybe it's just retreat and rest to recover from Christmas, then comes the upbeat goodtimes for the year to come.

Take care

Reading the Signs said...

Hi Vanilla,

Libras are always searching for the point of balance - I like this notion, at at rate.

Rabbit! Good to see you out. I like to think of your brain getting happy - just sorry I can't yet give more of an upbeat progress report. Working on it.

Kahless said...

Will you share with us your poems?

Reading the Signs said...

Dear Kahless, I never put up my poems on blog - but thank you for asking. And when/if I get a proper collection together I'll blow a trumpet.