Friday, December 14, 2012

Reader, I Ate Him

Happy Santa

Santa feels cold

- and another one bites the dust


Anna MR said...

Author – I am delighted.

(You made my day, you did – so just watch it.)



(PS: ypsumen 1932 – now there's got to be some 30's tale in that, for sure, no?)

Reading the Signs said...

Har! - he all gone now :)

Bit sad :(

Nice, though, even if not my usual choice of noir. Lindt.

Cusp said...

There's something disturbing about a woman who takes off Santa's jumper and then eats his head: dark thoughts in the forest ! :)

Fire Bird said...

Lindt is the best. Chocolate reindeer sometimes come galloping into my stocking, adorned with little bell but never mind that, they taste soooo good.