Thursday, April 7, 2011


So, nasty muscle-paining, throat-swelling, nose-blocking, head-swimming virus thing is back, and I've more or less only just got over the last one. wtf? Sorry about textspeak, but allowances should be made in the circs. For years, I have never really got proper colds as such and fondly imagined that if I ever did it would be a healthy Sign. This, however, is not that. Patience, patience, my soul, all will be well and all manner of thing shall (and will) be well - in the next incarnation perhaps, even if not in this one.

Plans, plans - I don't think I will be going anywhere in the next few days. Another workshop, the last of this run - cancelled. A dental appointment tomorrow also cancelled. The receptionist informed me of the 48-hour cancellation policy and that a fee would therefore be due (and please bear in mind that I pay big, big money here, this is the Rolls Royce of dental surgeries). How much, I asked, was the fee. The full whack? Because if so, then I would uncancel, come along and breathe on everyone but it was only fair to warn them that I was probably quite infectious (sneeze). Wait, wait, she said, I'll just have a word. Mumble, mumble. Well, she said, if you're genuinely ill, then it's ok - don't come. What, no fee then? No. Which is a relief, because though the idea is very amusing, in truth I wouldn't have been up for it.

I've been in bed with cat and Kindle. Have downloaded Mill on the Floss for free and remembered that this is one of the Kindle perks. You can get all the classics you want for free - anything published before the copyright laws kicked in. So I have been reading - but only because I already know the book. Head not really up to it, or this, but being ill is so very, crucifyingly boring as well as being unpleasant.

Friend and helper-in-the-house came to clear out and rearrange the kitchen cupboards this morning. Big plates which were always at the back and therefore difficult for a muscle-challenged person to reach are now at the front. Either my friend has extraordinary intelligence or I have extraordinary lack of it. Whatever, just knowing that the cupboards are clean and clear has got to be marvellous Feng Shui.


Fire Bird said...

oh. so frustrating and altogether crappy. i sat with L this afternoon as she lay in the dark with early migraine symptoms and felt the slowness of time in the sick chamber, creeping heavily over the quilt...

WV - kibiber

Cusp said...

Oh B*gger,B*gger,B*gger,B*gger,B*gger, is all I can think. It is a real shock when one gets a proper cold isnt it and very draining. So sorry all the plans are scuppered (what was I saying yesterday in my very own blog post !). Obviously my earlier curse didnt work

Beastly dentist's receptionist too ! I've had same ...was slung off register by one because I was 'too ill too often' !

Do hope you an get a restful night and feel a tad better asap. Echinacea, honey and lemon, Vit C.....

Montag said...

I guess "Cat and Kindle" now replaces the out-of-date "Kit and Kaboodle". Sic transit etc. etc.

In my case, I have suffered from allergies summer and winter ( not to mention the other 2 seasons whose names escape me ) for 2 1/2 years, and suddenly at the end of February I am cured.
Of course, this is but a calm in the eye of the hurricane. Allergens will mutate as will anti-bodies and I'm sure it will start again, but it is so nice to be able to breath and not carry around meds.

April is a good month for flu and its ilk. It is the body's way of seeking to continue its winter hibernation and to rest far, far from the madding crowd.

Reading the Signs said...

FB, migraine is horrible. And the concept of a sick chamber too fearfully dark for me to allow myself to use! "Resting" - :)

Cusp, the cold itself I can cope with - just as long as it doesn't become post-viral aftermath. Yes, echoes of your post here!

Montag, I didn't know you had allergy problems. But perhaps they have gone for ever now, flown off to pastures new? I do not wish to go out and party, but have had enough hibernation.

Sky here is blue-gold today.