Monday, April 18, 2011

I put up a post, poem and all. But Blogger is not allowing line breaks of any kind right now. Just squashes everything together. I have noticed this and tried to get round it by going into Html. Tant pis - tired now. Will try again anon.


Zhoen said...

We wait patiently.

Reading the Signs said...


Cusp said...

bated breath......Blogger is a Bummer sometimes

Fire Bird said...

Blogger seems to be going through a capricious phase. I found going into html did allow paragraphs when compose wouldn't... Just makes it all rather harder work. Yes, well, I look forward to the poem too, in the fullness of time.

Anonymous said...

All good things come to those who wait.

In hope,

W.V. Smsphead

Reading the Signs said...

Cusp? Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers!

Fire Bird html allows paras but doesn't like poetry - or not mine at any rate.

Anonymous, you actually believe this do you?


Anonymous said...

Believing and hoping are not necessarily the same thing, Mme Signs. But they might coexist in some unfathomable fashion - as might disbelief and hope, funnily enough. Utter disbelief, even.

And mayhap even belief and the lack of hope - although I think I might rather take the former, myself.


Reading the Signs said...

ok Anon, I take from this that you are waiting in some unfathomable state of dis/believing (delete where appropriate) hope for my squashed poem. But the moment has passed, you see (and you've probably clocked it on Googlereader anyway as it doesn't have the decency to delete even if I do).

Faith is a Big Issue to bring to the matter of my little bit of not-very-good verse, Anon. But I am - you know - rather flattered.


Anon… said...

Now that is a nasty thing of googlereader - it has to be said. One should always be allowed to delete, delete, delete, when one takes that most drastic of options. Some People, however, seem to know how this is done - have you noticed? I have. And Some People also seem to know how to get googlreader to only post a few first lines of their poems. I don't know how to do either - I am not Some People.

Having said all that, I am selfishly glad that googlereader did this nasty thing to you (shame on me and my selfishness), for I really, really enjoyed the poem - even though I can see that the lack of paragraph breaks and spacings would have driven you The Poet totally bonkers.

Mwah and thank you, Poet - you bring light.



Reading the Signs said...

Anon, how I do wish that sometimes I could just be Some People rather than being me. For look you, I would then be able to have dominion over Googlereader and no doubt much else besides. But anyway, I am glad that you enjoyed it even so.

wearies - can you believe this? They are having a laugh, and no mistake!

anon, good Anon... said...

What do you think about aggible then?

Odd bunch they are, the wv's.

Reading the Signs said...

Well aggible was directed at you, so really you have to interpret - and remember that the WVLs know us, they are inside our heads. Take today's offering, for example - naphysi: I have to go to the dentist today and will be in need of both a nap and physiotherapy afterwards. This is their way of letting us know that they know everything about us.

Montag said...

Qui est "Tante Pisse"? Et pourquoi est-elle "tired now"?

Anonymous said...

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And they got warriors all maimed with JAMES.
And CULTR, she got the COUTE to go with DESSESSE.
And now all that SYN SEA 7 got that PINK PANDA - ROSS.
And that means SEACREST to PENN VALLEY got a fuck of a lot of DOST.
They are not DEFIESSE...not at all.
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