Saturday, April 9, 2011

how to win

House of Signs is having a winning streak. Fifteen minutes before the start of the race, Mr. Signs decided to have a flutter on the Grand National. We chose two horses, put a fiver on each and one came second so basically we have got back what we spent, plus £1.25. Not a lot one can get for that, and Mr. S treated himself to a Feast ice lolly which cost £1.20, so we are richer now by 5p, and I don't think you can even get a box of matches for that. But never mind, for the Signs are Auspicious - as this undoubtedly proves. If the horse had come first they would have been even more Auspicious and the winnings might have paid for a meal out, but I'm not complaining - a win is a win. I didn't follow the race very well, caught by the sight of the riderless horses, beautiful creatures, as they carried on galloping around the track, no-one to tell them that there was any reason for them to stop.

This king and queen of all colds is having a party in me but just now I don't care. It will pass and I have decided to apply my parking spaces capability to the rest of life. Have I told you about this? I began to develop it after someone told me that whenever she said, "hail Mary full of grace, please give me a parking space" one always manifested for her, and this even though she was by no means a Believer. Of course I had to try this out for myself - and it worked, even when I didn't bother about saying the hail Mary, just kind of expected a parking place to manifest. Ah well, perhaps there are times when it doesn't, but the significant times (ones I choose to remember) are when it does, and expecting a good outcome is better all round than fearing a bad one. Either way can make one bonkers, but who in their right mind would want to choose the path that leads to anxiety disorder? And the Signs, as has been demonstrated (and I have the 5p to prove it) are auspicious. It's good to win.


Cusp said...

Yah ! We won on the gee-gees too ... not a lot of money but then our stake was only £ a tip from the old boy next door who knows about these things :O)

Parking ??? we call her the 'parking angel' and my daughter and I always ask for her help so we dont have to pay the exhorbitant fee for a parking space in towm car parks. That angel has saved us a mint of money, bless her.

Hope the cold passes soon...lemsip and champagne cocktails all round at Villa Signs I say. Cheers !

Montag said...

I can't believe you would not have done the Hail Mary thing to pick your horses in the GN. If you had, I'm sure that you would have done better than "Oscar Time" and whatever other nag you randomly stumbled across.

Trying St. Jude is probably worth a couple of pounds in the Jewson Novices Handicap Chase...
Or, try San Cayetano who is the recognized patron of gamblers and punters.

When setting off for densely populated areas with little parking, I always sacrifice a small rodent or fowl. Works great.

Reading the Signs said...

Cusp, we don't have an old boy next door so just pick family names (but next time slip us a tip would you?).

You have parking magic too? Should have guessed :O)

Montag, I'm going to have to give this some serious thought but between you and me, it would take an awful lot to persuade Mr. Signs to do a Hail Mary thing of any kind. And the thing is, we have a system - family names. Oscar was father-in-law's name and the other horse we chose had something close to the daughter's name.

Re your small animal sacrifices: that is the old way. These days all you need is Faith! Clearly I need practice, but one has to start somewhere and parking is good.

Montag said...

You bet on Royal Rosa?!?!?!

Reading the Signs said...

Well if I did - why is that !?!?! - ? At least she didn't fall over.

(you seem to know a bit about the gee gees, Montag - slip me a tip next time?)

Montag said...

Right. At least Royal Rosa still draws breath today. Brrrr! The Unpleasantness at Aintree!

I have mixed feelings about sporting events wherein participants are body-bagged as we watch.

My tip is the Mail Mary business.

However, as has been pointed out over the years, I am sure the horses are telling their beads also, lest they come to an untimely end.

God does not support both sides... or does He?

Reading the Signs said...

I am sad about the horses, Montag - the ones that died. It casts the whole thing in a different light and makes me not want to have anything to do with it. I feel quite sure that God is on the side of the horse - or, at any rate, alongside.

Montag said...

I mistyped "hail Mary" as "mail Mary", but after looking at it, I like it.