Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Comments (and possible end of world as we know it)

Something is malfunctioning, and for once I'm not talking about myself - all Blogger's fault.

Some people's comments (mine included so I can't reply) are not appearing. I've tried several times to put a comment under my last post but it gets disappeared. All a bit Nineteen Eighty Four, if you ask me, and reading the signs, as I cannot help but do, it probably means the end of the world as we know it is nigh. You can argue with me on this if you like, but odds are nothing will appear in the comment box (though it may in my inbox).

First the business with the aerial, then the dentist muttering darkly to me about "a very difficult situation" and hinting at worse to come but he couldn't say for sure until we see What Lies Beneath - and now this.

Pass the tranquillisers, someone.


Mim said...

How about a beer?


Reading the Signs said...

Thanks, Mim, that will do nicely. Things are getting weird around here. The plot thickens.

Cusp said...

It's all that dish's fault I reckon: sending out weird rays and signals what rot the brain and teef.

Reading the Signs said...

The comments are appearing, but comment-counter still shows zilch. Is this a wind-up, or what?

I could at a stretch blame the Dish for interfering with Bloggeration, Cusp - and messing with my brain, yes.

Zhoen said...

(valium, 1mg, PO, PRN anxiety.)

Cusp said...

Blogger and Gmail and FB are all proper bu**ers at times. Still not getting updates on the comments on your Noele post...completely out of the loop unless I visit that post specifically which I forget to do because there's too much else on my mind. Still, I dare say TPE keeps you company over there.

I think you should hitch up your skirts and shimmy up onto the roof to adjust the dish: bit like the old indoor TV aerials.

Mr. S shouting from below

'Yes...good. Bit more to the right. Up a bit...great ! All the comments coming through. You can come down now.'

Reading the Signs said...

Zhoen that is a very tiny amount of Valium, but thanks. I'll have it with the beer.

Cusp, the dish is actually behaving beautifully. I just like to find a link between events - it's a sign-reading thing I suppose.

But if climbing on the roof helps the comments situation then perhaps I will consider it.

Cusp said...

Oh go on. Pop up the ladder just for me. You could try waving like when you came to Norfolk a few years ago. Might see you this time :O)

Zhoen said...

That's ok, it's not a valid prescription.

Actually, IV for a post op patient, that would be a good starting dose. Which is the only way I've ever given it. When we want someone to wake up. Even PO, 1mg would knock me out.