Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh Blighty

It isn't often (or ever, really) that you will find me thinking about football, either on blog or anywhere else. But I'm sitting here with a can of Carling getting mildly sloshed - this is one of the big plusses of not drinking much, one can of grog and you are anybody's - and thinking about England's defeat, how completely miserable so many people are going to be, especially as it is their "worst ever defeat in the world cup finals," they are not even going down with any kind of honour. Mr. Signs is over the road with a football friend, also drinking Carling. Somehow I don't think it will be as bad for him as Arsenal losing an important match. But I am thinking about the hopeful "Come On, England" flags in our local Tesco Express, and the young boy I saw after England won the match against Slovenia, with his home-made England flag, dancing and capering all by himself on the sidewalk, fists in the air saying yesss!


trousers said...

There was a flat atmosphere after the England game, people walking around looking disconsolate. Somehow I just thought, oh well, that's it - and then I was able to relax and thoroughly enjoy Argentina v Mexico.

Zhoen said...

Watched at work. Very popular among that crowd. Most sports fans yell at a goal or a foul, but not many groups of people will, all together, shout out "That was his ACL!" Which is to say, the anterior cruciate ligament of a player's knee just got blown out. Ortho docs and nurses and techs, that's what we saw. Probably not a good sign.

Reading the Signs said...

Trousers, Mr. Signs really enjoyed that game too - life goes on, innit.

Zhoen, I love this! And will remember to shout it (not that I would know an anterior cruciate ligament from a posterior) at the next available opportunity.