Thursday, June 10, 2010

- and that's the way it is

Seriously, I will have to try and do the photograph-taking. Then I can put up an image in place of words. Sometimes it's good so. But on the other hand you don't always catch the best moments unless you go everywhere with a camera.

Anon - I'll be back soon-ish. Meanwhile I'll be loitering on the margins or flitting about, listening to the tunes that inner DJ throws up, for no reason that I can discern. Sometimes it's like that - and that's the way it is.


Montag said...

Wow! I had always thought your inner DJ or MC would be more like N.W.A.

You are getting there, CoolSigns.

Reading the Signs said...

Montag, can you believe I actually had to look up what N.W.A. stands for - which says it all, really.

I defy anyone to place my inner DJ/MC - s/he is an anarchic entity with a twisted sense of humour who likes to subvert the mood of any given occasion.

CoolSigns is good, though, yeah. Innit?

Montag said...

It is a good name.
I like the way rappers re-define themselves by way of name, music, and lyric. I always did.

I know how you feel with your anarchic soul: we are IEDs that have been defused and set up on museum shelves to be viewed.

Reading the Signs said...

I've just had to look up IED, Montag. Talking to you is an education :)