Thursday, June 3, 2010

In the Teeth

I need to push a few things to the back of my mind and out. Enid Blyton apparently dealt with worrisome or distressing things in this manner and while she may not be everyone's idea of a good role model, and obviously she never had M.E., you have to hand it to her - she got things done. I wonder if she had problems with her teeth and a fear of dentists. No, people like her don't have such things, they just have the odd filling for which they probably don't even need an anaesthetic. Or they have 'em all whipped out at once with a general anaesthetic, get themselves a pair of false chompers and that's that - bish bash bosh.

I have had issues with teeth and dentists ever since I was five years old and piddled all over the dentist's floor, which didn't go down well with the nursing assistant who had to mop it up. I was scared as hell and nothing thereafter showed me a good reason for being anything else. One day I must write about my experience of laughing gas (a real misnomer) and standing in line with other fainting seven-year-olds to have a tooth pulled. I thought that if I never had to face another dentist I wouldn't mind what happened to me, I tried to make a deal with god: throw whatever you like at me but let this cup pass. He was having none of it. I rinsed, spat blood, and had things thrown at me anyway. It's been a recurring nightmare for, basically, most of my life.

My very expensive private dentist has sent me a beautifully-worded letter outlining his proposals for further treatment. He says he looks forward to seeing me again. The work he proposes would cost not just thousands of pounds but many thousands - more thousands than anyone would ever think possible. Well there are no more thousands because we've spent them. And I'm not even going to think about the after-effects of all the anaesthetics - bad, bad news for PWME (at least Martin Amis didn't have that to deal with, and anyway he was loaded). It's out of the question.

I know at least one fellow blogger for whom all this will deeply resonate.

I'm just going to do what Enid would do and not think about any of it.


trousers said...

I've never had a problem with dentists or dental work (leaving the finance out of it) but, given what you describe, I can see why you're with Enid on this one - so would I be.

Hope blogging it serves to exorcise it too.

Zhoen said...

Brush and floss and otherwise push it to the back.

I feel so fortunate to have had so many really good dentists over the years, and none of them expensive ones.

Mim said...

It's a fine idea: putting the thought of dentists out of your mind, for now at least.

Please consider getting a second opinion. My husband also received a proposal for thousands and thousands of dollars: dental implants, etc. Then he found a very good dentist who charges much less--no implants, which often fail.

I suspect the first dentist drives a Rolls. We call him "The Hollywood Dentist."

Fire Bird said...

as long as you aren't in pain, file under z at back of mental filing cabinet and hang onto your precious £££. i fear my dentist would insist on an expensive crown if i darkened her doors. mind you maybe while i'm on JSA is hould take advantage...

Fire Bird said...

actually i've just checked - contribution based JSA does not qualify for free NHS dentistry nor even any 'help' with it!! what a relief. i'm slinging it under 'z' again...

Cusp said...

Hello dear Signs :' fellow blogger for whom all this will deeply resonate...' here ;O)

I think that there are dentists and dentists and though, as you well know, I have a deep mistrust of the profession I think there are some for whom it is a vocation (though God knows why ..who on God's good earth would want to spend their days peering down at people's manky molars ?) and some for who it is or becomes a money making exercise.

About 5 dentists ago (for you know I like to shop around ) I had one who was not over friendly but not fear-inducing until he got onto a major treatment plan . From the sound of it he may even be related to your dentist for this 'plan' included veneers, implants, extractions, moving teeth as if wanted was healthy teeth but in a good old British 'patched up' slightly crooked way --- not a Hollywood neon way or a Joan Crawford 'Lets rip out the back molars for that high cheekbone effect' way. And guess what ?

The bill for said proposed work was thousands. I could've bought a car with the amount he suggested.

I agree with the others. If they (the toothy pegs)ain't broke and they don't hurt, don't fix 'em. In our case we simply don't need a dentist who wants to go in all guns balzing ..we need conservative treatment.

My present dentist (i.e. not the savages at the hospital) seems to understand my dilemma as a PWME and has agreed to do minimal treatment and put any other suspect pearlies 'on watch'.

Flee for the hills and find yourself another dentist ;O)

Reading the Signs said...

Trousers, I'm not sure about exorcism - but I like to keep people informed :)

Zhoen, I am the Queen of brush and floss - have unfortunately had some bad dentists, hence major salvage operations subsequently.

Mim, actually he knows I'm not a good candidate for implants - but he has a thing about correction "the bite". I don't bite it.

FB, I'm not exactly in pain, but things are - how can I put it - precarious in the way of skating on thin ice. Stuff keeps falling out of the files.

ah Cuspie there you are - yes, they may be related. I have already had a car's worth of treatment and believe me the stuff he proposes would be worth a very decent new car. I have a lot of temporary stuff in place - and gaps due to terrible cowboy (also expensive) treatment in the past. Had mega extractions, bits of jaw sawn off - don't ask. To look at me you'd never guess - just as well.

btw, a certain personage from over the waters has been a-commenting on the Noele artwork.