Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rose of Signs

I am going to the Smoke today, staying with my daughter who has just moved into a flat in the East End, which is where she began her life over 23 years ago. It is her first time living alone, but she is near friends and has the company of her trusty piano, which once belonged to my father – it’s essential in her life for both work and pleasure.

As usual (when there is planned activity afoot), I slept very little last night. But there is a substantial quantity of sleep in the bank from previous nights, and this may see me through. In any case, I feel stronger than I have for a while and there is a strange and fragile elevation, which belongs to the morning.

There is a red rose growing outside my house. It wasn’t there last year and I can only think that the biodynamic gardener who occasionally comes to help keep things from getting over-wild, put it there, took a cutting from the back garden. The look and scent of it is so intense I can hardly take it in all at once, but it will not last long.
The fact that from one day to the next things change sometimes seems nothing short of miraculous


trousers said...

I'm glad you're feeling stronger, here's hoping the stay with your daughter is a pleasant one.

I read the previous thread by the way and loved those musings and reflections: they put me in thoughtful mode once again. Further to that, there are times when I've spent a couple of hours here and there reading some of those very playful threads you mention, both here at House of Signs and at the various abodes of other associated bloggers.

They are, in the best sense, the bloggy equivalent of eating spaghetti, and are a veritable delight. Here's to more of those threads.

Mim said...

All good luck on your trip to the "Smoke." You must mean London, right? Roses are barely budding here in Massachusetts, but azaleas and magnolias are in bloom. Yours for roses . . .

Zhoen said...

Roses and moments of health and energy, to be enjoyed while they last.

Cusp said...

Going up the Smoke with a knapsack full of reasonable nights !! Who knows what Signs might get up to ? I'm so glad someone else says 'up the Smoke'....from the days when London was a much dirtier back place. I can actualy just about remember a Pea Souper.

Hope you have a good time and each day there brings a good change and a nice surprise

Kahless said...

I just missed you!
I was in the smoke today!

Reading the Signs said...

dear Trousers, you probably know how I feel about eating spaghetti, love the stuff and it's one of life's essentials after all, so I'm delighted to be it.

Ah yes, those threads: ou sont les neiges d'antan, Pantalons?

Mim, I do mean London. Almost unbelievably, the roses have been blooming there too.

Zhoen, I still remember what you said about Zen mind, and it is standing me in very good stead.

Cuspie, it's still nice and filthy in the Smoke if you know the right places to go, believe me. Ever heard the song M-A-B it's a big horse I'm a Lunduner?

Ach, Kahless! We probably passed each other and didn't even know.

Montag said...

Yeah...miraculous...I have noticed it, too.

Sometimes I think...I just imagine that whatever is responsible for those "miracles" also wants us to surrender ourselves to that alternate time-line of the miraculously real.

Most of the time, I figure it's just coincidence, or chance, or chaos.

Cusp said...

Corse I 'av me ole china....cor blimey, lubaduuck, up the applesnpears !!!!

Ever 'eard of

'If it wasn't for the 'ouses inbetween' ??