Friday, May 8, 2009

bad face day

ok, I won’t beat about the bush: I’m having an ugly day. Just so there is no confusion, it’s me that is looking ugly, not the day, which has turned out to be a bit of a stunner after a very cold and miserable start. I tried to ignore the creeping ugliness and want to assure you that I am not given to endlessly looking into the mirror as life is just easier that way, but I bump into myself every time I go into the bathroom (mirror above the wash basin), sit down on my bed (mirror on dressing table opposite) and walk into the living room (full length mirror on side wall as one enters). And then there are bits of mirror in supermarkets (I have been doing the shop) that catch you unawares. Before we go on, can I just tell you something? When Mr. Signs and I were first courting his best mate espied me at the window and said, “who is that sultry Levantine beauty”? I have probably mentioned this before, it is one of the things I trot out now and then, because I’m not meaning to brag here, but it seems that there have been moments when I might have been considered a bit of a looker – not that I enjoyed it as much as I could have because I never thought I was. Truth to tell, now that I am in the late summer (shut up) of my years and there is a little less in the looks department than before, I actually appreciate myself much more. But not today, even though I am wearing the Purples (shell suit trousers, cashmere top, purple-winged faux antique dragonfly brooch).

I can’t put my finger on what exactly is wrong, and my thoughts (in case you were wondering) have all been, if not beautiful, quite respectable and even creative – I spent the morning writing some meandering thing about getting lost in the forest and though it is unlikely to walk away with the national poetry prize it is all grist to the creative mill and not deserving of this physical thing that has been laid upon me today. I know that M.E. godbastard is not pleased with me for having gone out on a forest walk two days in a row, he is humming around my system like a hive of angry wasps, has painted my face a greener shade of ecru, drawn bags around my eyes and carved wedges into the two vertical lines on my forehead. And what is it about one’s hair that always goes on strike and flattens itself horribly just when you need barnet support?

Fortunately I do not have to show myself to anyone but Mr. Signs this evening, and in his eyes I am never anything less than loveliness personified; or if I am, he has the exquisite courtesy never to tell me, and on a day like today I will have the exquisite self-control not to ask.


Kahless said...

I think you are beautiful.

Reading the Signs said...

Kahless? Mwah! You can call on me for complimentary compliments any time.

Zhoen said...

Beauty is far more than youth or smooth skin or perfect features - that is just prettiness. Beauty's the expression of your soul, the experience as worn, the depth of your eyes. I'm sure you are lovely.

I also know how hard it is to see the wear and tear on familiar features, the changes time and gravity demand. It is still beauty, of a different kind, with a new aesthetic. I'm still adjusting, too.

Reading the Signs said...

I think I'm ok about the ageing thing, Zhoen (well, as much as one ever is, and thank you for comments) but actually this particular ugly is a fatigue thing I reckon. Or just one of those days that we all get at whatever age (when my daughter was 15 I remember her complaining about "ugly days").

Cusp said...

Well I have never seen you in the flesh but I know you're beautiful in all sorts of ways that aren't to do with the physiog whatever you make of your reflection in the mirror at the moment just bear that in mind.

Personally, my face now looks anywhere between a beige flannel or a very creased up brown paper bag (depending on the level of M.E. fatigue or lack of decent shut-eye) but I've given up caring to be honest: face?....bovvered ?!!!! ;0)

Reading the Signs said...

Cusp, complimentary compliments also extended to you, comrade. We should perhaps think of promoting the look: beige flannel? C'est chic!