Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ho hum, I’m really not sure that there is much of anything I particularly want to say. I particularly don’t want to say anything about: a) the business at Oxford concerning Derek Walcott and Ruth Padel, the whole thing has been yuck and I really can’t bring myself to care who they appoint; b) the media circus business with Susan Boyle and the Britain’s Got Talent frenzy; c) the fact that the intensely boring and depressing Big Brother is about to go into its tenth year.

Good, that’s got those out of the way. We can talk about the weather obviously – it’s been great here in Blighty and even a cold winter-lover like me can’t help but feel as though something potentially splendid and redemptive has finally come and announced itself after the god-forsakenly chilly spring we have had. So, well, but as we’re all mostly agreed on that there probably isn’t very much more to say except that it is worth bearing in mind that (it being England) weather will probably be changeable. But you don’t need a sign-reader to tell you that, you can watch the BBC weather forecast.

I have got a list of things for June jiggling about in my brain. It is the cat’s birthday on the 8th. - she will be fourteen. I used to make an effort and stick candles into a tin of Sheba and sing happy birthday to her but she didn’t really appreciate the gesture or seem to mind when I forgot. The Signs wedding anniversary falls on the 12th, the birthday of Mr. Signs on the 16th and we are having a Signs gathering extraordinaire (his idea, I blame the therapy training) later in the month – members of his side of the family, many of whom he has not seen for years and who I have never met. I will not yet allow myself to think about this. Son of Signs clobber will all be coming back to Signs Cottage from Oxford at some point. There are poetry readings to attend and a book launch. Oh, and I will be giving a poetry reading on the 11th that I am feeling strangely nervous about.

I’m sure there was something else. Yes, a creativity day chez Signs. You will be wondering what a creativity day is: well, it is a day on which we (me and two of my long-standing writing cronies) get together and create, in other words we write stuff. We do this regularly anyway, but on a creativity day we do it for longer and with knobs on. And food.

What I always say is, when you have nothing to say, write lists – which is basically what I seem to have done here. I have been very restrained actually, there is much more I could have added to the list. I’ll be back when some of the items have been ticked off.

Have a nice month.


Zhoen said...

Lists can generate ideas that can be written about.

Collin Kelley said...

The Doctor is going to be on two episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures in the autumn. That's the best news I've had all week. Over and out.

Reading the Signs said...

Hi Zhoen, well, and there are some terrific list poems also.

Collin, which Doctor, though? I must investigate. And we have to wait until autumn!

trousers said...

I love the thought of you singing Happy Birthday to the cat, candles and all.

I like the creativity days, too - sounds good to me.

I also like these posts in which you're not claiming to say very much, for much still seems to be said regardless.

Cusp said...

Dog's birthday tomorrow and he shall have chicken and ham but no candles: he's so daft and myopic now that he'd singe his whiskers before he got the food.

I hope your Annual Creativity Fest is a great success and has as many knobs as you care to cope with (bunting, fanfares, profiteroles, luminous ink, sparkly writing paper etc etc) ;0)

Reading the Signs said...

Trousers, I'm sure there will be more of the "nothing" before I pop my clogs. Don't know why that expression just came to mind - I've never used it before.

Cusp - bunting, no. Profiteroles, yes - always yes in any circumstances.

nmj said...

hey signs, i missed the ruth padel/walcott saga, i was away, but have bn trying to inform myself. all so sad & sordid. and i have only just read that susan boyle has learning difficulties - she was deprived of oxygen at birth - i did not know, and this makes me fear for her even more. BB, i am trying not to watch this year, but i know i will be sucked in.

enjoy june!

Kahless said...

Wow, The Doctor on two episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures (which I dont watch) Should I?

I just saw the ad for BB tonight. Ten years? I gave up after series 2. I did like the ex-nun whose name I cant remember.

Have a wonderful June!

Reading the Signs said...

Kahless, you probably realise by now that when it comes to The Doctor all critical faculty goes out the window. I am a one hundred per cent Fan (I suppose it's how football supporters fees: my team, win or lose).

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