Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Lion Thing

So whaddya want at the dawn of a new year - irony?


Zhoen said...

Sometimes, hope is right.

Anna MR said...

Okay - that was gorgeous, Signs. (But I'm left most horrified at the fact they bought the cub at Harrods. What, as in Harrods in London? Wtf? Why and how, in the name of whoever you'd care to mention, was Harrods selling lion cubs?)

Happy New Year, and see you laters-späters


trousers said...

I've seen that before, and remember it well - a truly lovely moment. Happy New Year.

Reading the Signs said...

Happy new year, Zhoen, and to you too, Intrepid Traveller.

Yes, the mind boggles, but it was 1969 and I think Harrods do things differently now.


Reading the Signs said...

Mr.Trews/Trousers/Housut/Hosen, happy new year to you to.

Collin Kelley said...

Happy New Year. Hoping to see you in 2009 if the economy swings back the other way.