Thursday, May 17, 2007

you win some -

So apart from being met by the sun wherever I set foot on the islands of the Inner Hebrides, I return to find I’ve come second in a story competition run by the Man in the Moon. First prize has gone to talented new writer, Stray, who was my personal favourite – so it’s all good news. And a number of tasty contributions. Here's mine, if you want to have a look.

Too exhausted to say much, after a long journey back from the north, but just in case you think there has been nothing but good news and sunshine in my life, let me whisper in your ear: Travel Lodge. Ever tempted to stay in one, don’t. Choose Bates’ Motel if you have to (just don’t use the shower), but steer clear of the Lodge. Signs has done it so you don’t have to. And you’ll save yourself £59 by not doing it.

Back soon with a tale, a tail and perhaps another pic or two (as you asked, Mr. Englishman).


Nothingman said...

Hey :) thanks for the vote on my story in the moon topples, i tried...but maybe it was not my best :P

Wanna be friends?

I'm linking to you, hope you'll link me back too :)

take care


A Story A Day

Reading the Signs said...

Hi nothingman - sure, thanks for looking in.

Anonymous said...

I really loved your story -- but I think you know that -- and I loved Stray's as well. It was truly captivating.

Congratulations on a well-deserved win and big wishes for rest and rejuvination.

Hope you are well, Ms Signs.

nmj said...

Hey Signs, Glad you had a good break except for Travel Lodge - what was wrong? - they are awful, for sure, but no more or less than what they advertise, was this one particularly bad?, I've been to a grim one in Inverness.

And well well done with getting a Mr Moon trophy, I will read your story soon.

That's so pants said...

Hi Signs

Came second? Runner up, dear, remember where you are!

I snuck in a congratulatory message on your previous picturesque post, thoroughly inappropriate I know but Pants has inappropriate tendencies. Sorry, genetic fault, can't do anything about it.

I loved your story.



Ms Melancholy said...

Many congratulations Ms Signs. I loved the story, so was especially pleased to find out it was yours.

Reading the Signs said...

goodthomasmy friend, I do seem to be in very good spirits - I am like the Hebridean sky: changeable. Yes Stray's story was fine, was it not? The language, the language.

nmj, you know I think there is some quirk in me that impels me to look for the shadow side of things. A spot of ghastliness (room full of stale smoke and chemicals and a distinctly weird aura, made me dream of a marooned truckdriver called Ted) always adds a necessary relish to things.

dearest pants, more about inappropriate tendencies please, for these are things of interest to me. Have not spotted any such in your congratulatory message, but I have been known to miss things. And of course, runner up is more elegant - and me a wordsmith! Glad you liked the story x

ms melancholy, I did see your comment on my story and was happy you liked it. And thanks for the lovely thing you said on Stray's blog.

The Moon Topples said...

Delayed but nonetheless heartfelt congratulations to you on your award. I did not vote myself, but was delighted at seeing you and Stray finish so well.

And should Stray be unable to fulfil the duties of the first place winner, I guess you'll have to step in...

Reading the Signs said...

Thanks Mr. Moon, but - er - did you say "duties"? We're not going to have to make a speech are we? I'm sure Stray will do it nicely!