Sunday, May 13, 2007


The sign says "To The Abbey," and the pilgrims follow it to get to the place where Saint Columba built a church in 563 ad. It is supposed to be raining and squalling here, but look at the sky. Seeing is believing - though the pilgrims might argue differently.

and looking from Iona to the moon hills of Mull, the water is turqoise. Lying in bed, I look out to sea at the coming and going of the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry. Two days ago, while I waited for it to bring me over, a seal put its head out of the water and looked at me. The birds speak differently here and the sheep go where they please. All manner of things are well.


cusp said...

What a beautiful place. Never been that far North. I'm glad it is turning out well for you and hope you have a really restful and inspirational break. My favourite place of pilgrimage (at least in the UK) is Walsingham, near Cromer in Norfolk.

Mellifluous Dark said...

That water is amazing. I hope you are experiencing a time that is as stunning as the place in which you are staying.

(Hello there – I am a newbie to your site - Englishman thought I'd like it, and I do)...

Reading the Signs said...

hi cusp, I can't really claim to be a pilgrim - but it's lovely here, all of it.

hello mellifluous dark - welcome and thanks.

Internet connection hit and miss here.

Moving on to another island tomorrow

nmj said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...the seals are so cheeky when they point their heads out of the water.

Anna MR said...

Lovely to hear you're having a great time, Kolmio Lady. You've been missed.

(The photos were fab, too.)


Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the knowledge that you are well, having a lovely time.

I hope you are getting a chance to jot down a thought or two, a poetic phrase, and also getting a chance to rest, to relax, to forget about all that needs forgetting about.

Enjoy the sun (or rain).

Reading the Signs said...

greetings, mellifluous dark, and thanks.

nmj, it was three times beautiful, as you said.

thanks, anna, I'm still thinking about that stones poem! Found lots of shells with holes.

goodthomas, your good thoughts appreciated, as always.

Anna MR said...

Hei Kärkikolmio dear, I am most pleased to know that stones thing is on your mind. Most pleased. Let me know if and when and so on.

Hope you've recovered beautifully from the hardships of your trip. There was a fair amount of unlikely online synchronicity with you posting your photos etc. It always pleases me in a special spooky way when that happens.