Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Good, The Bad and the Usual

The Good: Mr. Moon Topples’ competition, (now closed to entries and voting begins). Points win prizes but prizes aren’t the point and it’s nice to be in good company. I have also sent off one short story and done some work on another that has been lying around gathering dust.

I am going on a Scottish island adventure holiday the day after tomorrow. Adventure in the sense that, apart from the first couple of nights, we haven’t yet decided where to go or where we’ll stay. It will feel like being in Easy Rider, but in the relative comfort of the Signsmobile. I have bought myself some new waterproof trousers, anticipating long flat stretches of remote beach where I will be able to walk.

The Bad: My cat is unwell and is on a course of painkillers. She will like being in a cattery even less than usual. The bank holiday emergency vet was wonderful – kind and efficient – but the one today called her behaviour “aggressive” (poor, frightened animal) and didn’t seem to know how to hold or examine a cat, even with a nurse to help her.

My son has had his bike stolen.

My hair is going pink.

The Usual: Milady House is still without a sniff of a buyer and I am wondering, not for the first time, if everything they say about St. Joseph (who is still front of house, underground) is true. A friend brought me a statue from Ireland and by my reckoning we ought to have the business sewn up by now. I am beginning to shrug my shoulders about it all (it’s nice here) – but can’t ignore the fact that M.E. muscles do not like all the steep stairs. We may have to sell the house for a song, cut our losses and run. But sometimes I forget to care or think about it. Bof!


I will be taking my Doppelganger and my laptop with me to Scotland and may practice posting up some photos. Not of the Doppelganger, but of places. I will of course be reading the signs.


Anonymous said...

Signs -- I am so glad you sent off a short story to Mr Moon. I haven't read the entries yet, mostly out of fear and pending jealousy. I can't wait to read yours, even knowing that I won't know if it is yours.

I am sorry to hear about your son's bike and your cat. And the house, it will sell. Good things will happen, ol' St. Joseph will come through. He just has to.

Very happy for you about your pending holiday. Look forward to hearing about your rest, seeing some photos.

That's so pants said...

Hi Signs

I'll enjoy trying to spot yours. I got Ms Baroque's right last time and she mine! I didn't enter this time around because of not wanting to be diverted from my novel. I've had a peek at some of the entries and they do look tasty. Good luck.

Hope you have a nice break too.

nmj said...

hey signs, have a great time island-hopping, i hope hope hope you get some sun, it is not good here just now (edin) but it can vary dramatically coast to coast.

Reading the Signs said...

goodthomas, I have decided to give St. Joseph the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for your thoughts. I'll see if I can spot your story.

pants, I'd be intrigued to know if you do spot it. I think I guessed yours last time, or nearly. It was between that and one other.

thanksnmj, the weather is predicted to be pretty ghastly, just as it was last year when I went - and then the sun came out in defiance and it was lovely. I'll take it as it comes.

cusp said...

Have a good break. Doesn't matter about the weather: the change of scenery will do you more good than anything else.