Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An' Don't Be Callin' Me Chicken!

Blisterin' barnacles, me hearties, it be that day again!  An' me so addlepated wi' vinnie rouge, bein' holed up in France (no shortage o' grog though the place do be full o' forriners) - the notion clean went out o' my head.  Now between ye an' me, the question that's firing' a cannon through every scurvy scallywag's noggin is this: ye can walk the plank but can ye talk the talk?  There's the rub, me hearties.  Arrr, ye lily-livered landlubbers - be bold!  For 'tis this that gladdens the cockles o' any self-respectin' pirate.  Swish an' swash, an' show the world you're not afraid to shiver the timbers of any proud beauty.

Be that a yardarm in yer doubloons or are ye just pleased to see me?

C'mon, ye malingerin' knaves - sing along wi' me!


Anna MR said...

Yarr, y'talk like a pirate, me lass, an'keep a'talkin, or I'll be a-nailin yer tits to the table!


(PS this horrible message was sent to me earlier on the big day, okay – so I haven't made it up, I've merely stolen it, like any great artist)


(57A lmeted - so to continue from the previous wv, Empty A you are a giant - limited. It's all of a piece, yarr me bonnie pirate lass, all of a piece)

Anna MR said...

And by the way, that there song's got a helluva beat an'brainworm potential to boot. Yarr.


Pirate Feebletalk


Reading the Signs said...

Arrrrrrr, me skulduggerin' skallywag! Oh. What? Argh. It isn't Talk Like A Pirate Day Any More. Who sent you that tits to the table message? I thought I was the only Pirate around these parts. This one sounds like a right rogue - string 'em up, Schwes.

I love that shanty because I used to hear it quite a lot at Cecil Sharp House (trad folk place in the Smoke) in days of yore. Joined in with the chorus an' all.

Anna MR said...

Yes, it is quite outrageous but I am blessed with not only one but two Pirate friends. But your Pirate speak is, it has to be said, outstanding. Must be the poet in you. (The other Pirate is an actor, so that must be the reason. Me, I'm just a wizardwitch. Hurrah!)