Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quand Meme

What has happened to the Meme? You know - those things that people used to tag you with and you had to list anything from three to a hundred random things about yourself that could include anything from your favourite colour to embarassingly personal revelations about underwear and sexual preferences. Well you can forget about any of that. Apart from my fidelity to the purple chav trousers (they have never let me down) the preferences of Signs are nothing if not fluid and changeable. But I do like a good List. If nothing else, they do away with the need to think about having anything of import to say in a post. Put something in the context of a List and it becomes strangely eloquent. You can also get away with making pronouncements about things you might otherwise be wiser to shut up about. With no Meme, it all begins to sound humdrum, but there is so much I could have told you:

Wearing a bra with wire underneath might make your breasts look glad and uplifted, but at the end of the day you will have a red rim underneath them.

Eating a lot of vegetables for several months is almost certainly a very good thing but it is unlikely to be a cure for M.E.

Solitude is a fine thing, but when you find yourself having many serious conversations with a stuffed bear it is time to review the situation.

Giving up cigarettes doesn't necessarily mean that you will ever stop wanting them. Giving up sugar, though, probably does.

I seem to use the words 'probably' and 'perhaps' a lot.

My Dell laptop has suffered a clutch of Blue Wall attacks and is probably dying.

I want a Mac Airbook.

I am going on holiday to France.

Meanwhile I wish you the serenity of the season. We need serenity, without it we get into deep trouble. That's So Pants says something about this. It is the fifth birthday of her lovely blog today.

Be seeing you.



Digitalesse said...

Haha, you might have started something there!

Zhoen said...

Funny, I was thinking the same thing about memes this week. I may pretzel in you list, though.

Reading the Signs said...

Digi perhaps I should become a Meme-starter :)

Zhoen, full permission to pretzel. A good verb.

Fire Bird said...

bonnes vacances! ditch the underwired bra...

Pants said...

Hi Signs

Thanks for the birthday greetings. I've been away on hols myself. You enjoy yours.



@slangular said...

A certain Twitter tag is still available. Just sayin,

Reading the Signs said...

ok @slangular - have linked to you.