Friday, May 13, 2011

M.E./CFS Awareness


trousers said...


Anna MR said...

Waving, Schwesterlein, and bowing and hugging, too.

It wouldn't be me if I didn't manage to blab about something inane under a serious post - so I shall tell you the wvls offer multiple interpretations of the word ver today. Behold:


Co-rater. One who rates together with another.
Corater. One who corates. It's something to do with corals and choreography.
Corater. A posh European spelling of karate.
Corater. One who behaves in the fashion of English traveller and writer Coryate.
Corater. An Anglicised version of Koracca, a worshipper of the Malayalam goddes Korati.

And so on and so on...please do shut me up.

Apologies but the ****a hasn't eased. Thinking about you.


Reading the Signs said...

Don't want to shut you up. Like listening to you, as it happens. As one co-rater to another :)

Anna MR said...

Hmmm. How does enoma grab you? For in mine ears, it doth sound like an enormous enema.....

(You do need to shut me up, seriously.)


Reading the Signs said...

I am sitting here going ha ha haaaar like some three-year-old who has just cottoned on about poo and bottoms being the biggest mirth evah! Arrested development syndrome, Sees. They know me (or is it you?) too well. I bet you were guffawing, at least inwardly, when you put that.

Bottoms up! (ha haaaaaaaa)

And just poo to obilits