Friday, March 4, 2011

silver lining

I have a meeting with my dentist shortly. The situation is complicated. My usual dentist is no longer able to do what they call 'precision work' - the kind that I need and have been putting off, not just because of my problems with the treatment, but because he keeps changing his mind about what needs to happen. So there are a couple of new, younger guys to take his place. I will meet one of them today for an in-depth talk and kick off a new, expensive but hopefully less complicated relationship. I ought to be trying to make myself look good (it matters, you see, if you look good people often thing you are good and treat you better - that's what they say), but a) I'm sitting here talking to you and b) I went to the hairdresser yesterday and came out with hair looking even more yellow than last time. The silvering of Signs is going to be a slow process, but worth it in the end. Inner DJ is on a roll with this one:

"You're everywhere and nowhere baby, that's where you're at
going down the bumpy hillside in your hippy hat,
flying across the country and getting fat,
saying everything is groovy while your tyres are flat
" - oh yeah!

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Cusp said...

Ohhhhh teeth and hair !: problems, problems. That song always reminds me of sitting at the back of a coach on way back from 6th Form Field Trip to North Wales