Sunday, March 13, 2011


Japan. In the wake of this, one does not know what to speak about. Watching the news as the grey wave rolled in and took everything, I felt my mouth fall open. And were there people in those houses at that moment or had they got away? This, and not being able to turn one's head away, in the grip of a terrible fascination.

It is something that has often been said - how life always just goes on. I hear that the earth has shifted on its axis. I carry on thinking about toothbrushes, how the bristles are too soft or too hard but sometimes I find one that is just right, Goldilocks in the house of the bears, concerned about oral hygiene. In the cottage my toothbrush is lilac and in Brighton it is green. We are thinking about having a proper holiday this year, somewhere away in the sun, looking at Tripadvisor, Rough Guide, Lonely Planet. And so on.

A thin mist hung over the road this morning. The white houses seemed to dissolve in it. A quiet, chilly but soft Brighton Sunday, the intermittent cry of seagull. Something tugging at me. Beautiful world.


Zhoen said...

There was about that pushing, devouring wave, something tragically beautiful. Not nice, not kind, those were not considerations. The earth heaved, and people's lives ended in a great fiery rush.

Fire Bird said...


Cusp said...

Its that frozen in time when I walked in the living room one afternoon on 11th September, almost 10 years ago and wondered why they were showing a 'disaster movie' on TV so early in the day.