Sunday, November 7, 2010


Nothing is static and I am changeable as the wind, and probably less predictable. Artist's Temperament, as before, meaning it is a smokescreen and of course I know that what Artists actually do is get down to work, and I have been and will. A little more sanguine about the project today, having had a small pause as Son has been here collecting things for his new flat. One needs the pauses as much as the wordage. The characters need them, as we need sleep in order to process almost everything. Nanowrimo does not really allow for pauses, but that's ok. It's about getting a certain habit of working into your system, and it's about naming an objective and overcoming fear. So it's all good, and I say this because it is almost certain that there will be trouble ahead, and I won't want to face the music and dance. But I probably will.


Yes, it's me said...

I was thinking about you and your previous post today, Signs (hello and hei), as I walked Ms Dogot, and I was quite desperate to remember the name of the writer (in an interview I read) who said they absolutely hated writing, that it was horrible, painful, scarey and dreadful, and each time a new book started emerging (in their mind, on paper, wherever), it was like making their way to the firing squad all over again. (No, they didn't use these exact words, I have elaborated my own interpretation, as I can't remember the exact description. The idea was this, anyway, k? K.) Alas, I didn't remember who it was, and thankfully, it seems you don't necessarily need such cheering up now anyway, you artistically-temperamented artist, you. Glad the word-dancing seems to be on the agenda again, rather than not. Much love and many mwahs and cheers from here - I tried to log in with last year's thing just to come and cheer you on over there, but it seems it's not valid any longer. Obviously, I could start another for this year, but I am absolutely not writing anything, and hence it seems like rubbing this fact in a bit too much (for myself, to myself, if you see what I mean).

So keep on keeping on, Schwesterlein. A novel a month is an unnatural thing, isn't it? But if it helps you establish a pattern, there's nothing bad about going against nature. If, however, it feels like it's thwarting you and your writing, you may want to reconsider the pros and cons. Just as long as you keep on dancing, not only during but past November, too.


Fire Bird said...


trousers said...

Aye. I know this all too well with working (or, more to the point, not working) on music. I'm fine when I get into the habit, and where the pauses are between definite points.

Maybe if there was a Namamamo (if only for the name!) it would give a different perspective on the barriers one puts up, such as they are.

Reading the Signs said...

You there, hei and hail! And yes, I read about that writer too and also cannot remember, but damitall wish I could. It takes time to love a work in progress, is what I have been told, and then when you do you stop minding about it not being good or pretty or clever enough, you just see the being of it and you carry on loving it. That's the idea, Schwes, anyway. Right now I am closer to the hating end of the spectrum, though. To keep on dancing is the thing. Mwah to you for your good words, and mwah to you also just because (and an extra one for Ms Dogot too). Come and join me in Nano and just write one sentence, hehe - they can't do you for it you know.

Fire Bird, (o) - oh yes, I am that! (if only)

Trousers, I take it you are referring to National Mathematics Matriculation Month? Or National Marble-Making Month?

You know what they call us, don't you? Wrimos. I'm a Wrimo. Hic!

trousers said...

Ooops. Namumamo, I should have said.

Reading the Signs said...

National music-making month - yes. Choose one, Trousers - January would be good, I think.