Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The writing is going well. I say this based on a good session yesterday when I felt I hit the seam again after much seemingly pointless hacking about. And I reminded myself that meandering digressions, inconsistencies, abrupt changes in tone are all fine while one is at the stage of discovering the story. I have almost completely abandoned the word count thing and my aim is now to simply keep on with this particular idea for the month of November. If I decide to continue with it after that then I will be prepared for it to take a long time. Still working within constraints of M.E. so bursts of energy, if at all, are short and if I don't catch time in the morning then I am unlikely to do it (composition, I mean), later in the day. Evenings may be ok for poetry revision, though, and I have recently done a little of that too. The result - a short poem I am pleased with.

In other, completely different news, I have another little project on the go: briefly, to disengage more effectively with certain people in certain situations; to get myself a set of shiny feathers, the better for allowing negative projections to be water that runs off a duck's back. Small measures, small steps. Any blame knocking around looking for a place to go? We are no longer open for business.

Friends, familiars and gentlefolk - I carouse to your fortune.


Cusp said...

Ah wise words from the sage of the woods :O)

Avoid negative people and negativity at all costs: their vibes are corrosive.

So glad the work has taken a turn for the better

Fire Bird said...

I carouse back with Belgian beer!

and wv is squismso which seems rather apt

Reading the Signs said...

Cusp, Sage of the Woods, yes - I could go with that -

especially with Belgian beer, Fire Bird, even though I shouldn't really drink. But German specialist said I could occasionally "make party". So squismo.

Zhoen said...

Just ducky. Good analogy.

Montag said...

Why does Writing bear such a remarkable resemblance to a session of the House of Commons, or to the House of Representatives?
Such a gradual and lengthy approach to Parnassus is the only ascent available to us.

Reading the Signs said...

Hello Montag - good to see you, but - I'm not sure what you mean. I've never been inside the House of Commons. Sat in the gallery of the House of Lords once though.

Montag said...

"... meanderings, digressions, inconsistencies..." all part of government.

Nice new pic