Monday, August 30, 2010


Damnation and all, but it is Bank Holiday Monday and we have been cleaning out the shed - meaning, of course, the garden studio out back, but I always liked the word shed. It used to be my space and I still have all my old files in there relating to classes I taught, all my spiral notebooks, ancient files full of writings and copies of Mslexia Magazine. I have not used shed as a work space for a while because it just proved simpler to stay in the main body of Signs Cottage, especially when weather was inclement. Then it became the perfect place for Mr. Signs when he began working from home three days a week. Now it has revealed itself as the perfect place for him to begin his therapy practice. All in all it has been, and will continue to be, a good shed. But throwing out old papers of various kinds is unsettling. There is no more room in the loft, though, and at the end of the month we and the young Signses will be tackling this as well. Apart from some of their childhood art works and soft toys, I have no idea what is up there and I am sure it is full of ghosts.

Brighton tomorrow, with new notebooks and Papermate Flexigrip pens.


Zhoen said...

Take some ghost dusters.

Fire Bird said...

happy writing by the sea

Reading the Signs said...



Mim said...

Oh, it's that sorting out and throwing out time here too. I like to burn papers but we're having a scorcher here in Boston.

Glad to be reading you again,

Reading the Signs said...

Mim - you're back :)