Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Life is disconcertingly beautiful right now, primarily because of spring and all its attendant glories of bud, leaf and clear sky after such a long and unforgiving winter that it seemed the White Witch had gotten dominion and even I (one of its greatest erstwhile fans) turned my back on it. This being so, and me being in a reasonably sanguine state of mind, it was a curious juxtaposition to hear Shrink (yes, we're back together) say that life is a sexually transmitted disease with a bad prognosis. I can't actually remember what the actual context was, and obviously it was a joke, not an original one either, it was R.D. Laing who first said it, I think. And it's a weird thing for a Shrink to be saying, whatever the context, but he is weird and I must be bonkers to keep seeing him. So obviously I need a Shrink, and one way or another it all works itself out.

Mr. Signs and I have finished watching the boxed set for In Treatment (season one) with the lovely Gabriel Byrne playing the Shrink. Feeling somewhat bereft now, especially as season two isn't available on dvd yet. Almost unbelievably, it seems that Gabriel Byrne has never actually had therapy himself.

A shadow looms over the beautiful life (afternoon tea and Pimms on the patio) in the form of new neighbours' plans to build a two-storey extension which would have a significant impact on the amount of light we get. We would, in fact, be drinking Pimms in the shadow.

There is always something.


Zhoen said...

"We're all having a great time, considering that none of us is getting out alive!"
-from a Steve Martin routine, approximate quotation.

Reading the Signs said...

Zhoen I like that - something I could definitely go along with on a good day. It's a kind of counterpoint to the "life's crap and then you die" outlook (which I also kind of like).

Cusp said...

Well glad to see that some sanity still remains within the environs of some of your posts ;O)

Surely the planning application for your neighbour's proposed extension will have to do the rounds and come to you too when you can make your obejctions/concerns known. I know it may lead to some friction but you have to be consulted and considered too.

Reading the Signs said...

Cusp, this blog is an oasis of serenity and decorum - and was once compared to a Japanese tea garden.

Yes, we'll have to go down the Objection route. Damn though.

Vespersparrow said...

I too am loving Gabriel Byrne in 'In Treatment". None of my shrinks have ever had such tender, craggy good looks or been so sexy and dear.

Reading the Signs said...

Hi Vespersparrow,

I'm looking forward to the next series.

One thing, though: Dr. Paul does seem to charge a whacking great fee!