Saturday, April 10, 2010

perfect fits

I came across this gem on son's facebook and can't think how I missed it when it first came out. There was much controversy about the black-face element, so it was cleaned up, but this is the original and it's beautiful - because it works in every possible way. Stick with it - the dance sequences in the middle - oh - Taco's understated vampric aura and the ghostly chorus - the teeth! And, obviously, the music. It wears its irony lightly.


SOS said...

I was sitting cross-legged in a very low-ceilinged Korean restaurant (you couldn't stand) in the Himalayas with Ossie, and this started playing in the background. We didn't recognise it, but loved it (obviously), so memorised enough of the lyrics to find it online later. That's the story as to why it's on my facebook page.

Incidentally, Korean restaurants always have the best playlists in India. Apart from this, they played Edith Piaf, Patsy Cline and The Drifters during this meal!

Reading the Signs said...

Lovely back-story. Places with decent playlists (not to mention Korean restaurants) are thin on the ground here on the Edge.

Good sabbath to you, SOS x

Fire Bird said...

oh dear I just don't get this at all... might have been better to keep quiet than reveal my denseness but I am curious to understand...great old song and all that, but I just don't get the metaphor (vampire, blackface etc) (help!)

Reading the Signs said...

ah don't worry, Fire Bird, it's just something that has resonance or not, I reckon. I can't help thinking of those musical scenes in Cabaret (the one with Liza Minelli).