Friday, July 4, 2008

Time Will Tell

The truth of the matter is that I am not a Tardis-flying, sonic screwdriver-wielding, Dalek-conquering Time Lordesse. I am a mother who worries about her son being in Israel (having extended his ticket) without mobile phone connection. I am many other things also, but at the moment I am primarily that. And please do not tell me that everything will be all right. I know this, but the primitive being that is my Core Belief system will have none of it.

The funny thing is I’ll be seeing him on the telly tomorrow night, just after we and the rest of the universe finds out whether The Doctor is really dying and regenerating into Robert Carlyle or whether it has all been a cynical ruse to bump up the ratings. Well the latter we should, perhaps, take as read though I don’t like to dwell on such things. Anyway, it is all over the news, for goodness sake. But as I said, Son of Signs will be on the telly* – singing with one of the (pre-recorded) groups that got through into the next round of Last Choir Standing. Not allowed to tell you which one though.

* - though as it's the first one, there's a chance that his group won't be in it yet.


Kahless said...

I wont turn over after Dr Who then.

I reckon DT is staying on; but then again, what do I know. Have to watch to find out...

ooo, so exciting

Reading the Signs said...

Yes, Kahless, stay "tuned." Watch out for the twenty-something guys pulling funny faces. Well, there'll probably be quite a few of those.

That's So Pants said...

Hi Signs

If only I could watch, but I can't. You will always worry about Son but perhaps you could worry about him more strategically. Israel's pretty safe.



Kahless said...

I watching last choir standing ...
looking for 20 guys....

Anna MR said...

I'm sulking a bit because I can't watch either show, but I trust I'll be kept informed of the goings-on in both.

Us mothers of sons never shall have peace of mind, eh Signs. It's no consolation that the mothers of daughters probably never do either (particularly to those who have them).

Anyway - break a leg, Son of Signs - and I mean strictly in the choir competition only, most emphatically not in Israel.

Kahless said...

What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

If not I missed a chunk as I am having some email correspondence with my T.

Dr Who was cool. I was alternating between laughing and hiding behind the sofa when Davros spoke.

The cybermen are my favourite and they are back at Christmas!!!

cusp said...

Well as for sons/children you worry about them from the moment they appear...even before they appear in the world so no it's no use teling you it'll al be OK even though 99% sure it will. You worry whatever they do so.....have to let hem live their lives

Rather miffed as I only picked up this post after Dr Who (children watched it)and the Choir Show was over so I haven't even had the chance to see Son of Signs ;0((

Dr Who turn into Georeg Cole or not ?...or was it Dennis Waterman ? (Write de teme toon, sing de teme toon......)

Reading the Signs said...

Hey Pants, it's not that exciting yet - you'll be able to watch the episodes on their website should you feel inclined.

Kahless they're not the drunken sailor lot - we only saw short snippets of them today.

Anna I will keep you informed about everything, seestah!

Cusp, basically The Doctor became two Doctors and then even Three. But one of the Doctors is living happily ever after in a parallel universe with Billie Piper, I mean Rose. And the other one has gone bye byes inside the body of squawk-a-lot Donna Noble. Confused? Don't worry about it. The universe is still in one piece. And so is Son of Signs.

nmj said...

Damn, I didn't realise the choir was on after Dr Who - will it be repeated?

I made the effort and watched most of tonight's episode, it was good, especially the cluster of whirling, levitating Daleks, I got a bit lost though, was that Sarah from years ago?

I am always impressed by the Doctor's English accent, I think he does it well.

Reading the Signs said...

Hey NMJ, you can watch a reply of the episode on their website if you want - it'll be up for 7 days. But I think the future episodes will be a bit more exciting.

It was Sarah from years ago. And dear old K9. I got a bit lost too and had to get Mr. S to explain things to me.

I thought I heard the hint of a Scots accent from the Doctor tonight.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

I feel entirely left out on this post *pout* We've had one series of the Doctor here in grimmest Africa and that was ages ago and no chance of anything about other peoples' choirs. We're too busy maiming, killing and plundering.
Hope Son of Signs has a successful time choiring, will keep fingers crossed.

Reading the Signs said...

Thank you, Vanilla. He is in Tel Aviv right now, chilling in the heat.

Anonymous said...

Call me silly, but I think it wonderful that you are worried about your boy. I don't mean that in a bad way, of course, but it is wonderful to love, wonderful to care for your son's safety, no matter his age, no matter his experiences. He is your child afterall.

Hope all is well in Signsville.

tpe said...

Hello Signs, how are you feeling today? Not too stressed and worried about your son, I hope. Listen, I think that any parent in their right mind would feel a real sense of panic and fear to have their child pass through the horribly unstable and terrifying landscape of a televised choir competition. You're just going to need to hang strong, k? K. Vanilla, I was a wee bit busy maiming, killing and plundering, unfortunately, and so just missed Doctor Who. Dang. (Clonakilty's a rough place, too, you know, and Vanilla shouldn't brag.) I like what I'm hearing, though.

Are you a fan of the laws of physics, Signs? I'm a fan of the laws of physics and occasionally attempt - failingly - to keep abreast of the lunacy therein. If I try to tell you what's in my head, though, then it's just going to get messy, alas. However, it does sound as if Doctor Who has maybe unwittingly stumbled towards a semblance of plausibility (with all this talk of parallel universes.)

Do you remember when String Theory went squiffy? The boffins discovered that there were, in fact, five string theories - so not exactly a definitive guide to the explanation of everything in the universe, right enough - and then, after much pasty-faced bickering, the String theorists had to grudgingly accept the possibility of an eleventh dimension (something the Super Gravity guys had been telling them all along). The String Theory mob, of course, had been adamant that there were only ten. Losers.

So, yes, with this new eleventh dimension to play with, they found that their cherished String Theory worked, the anomalies started to disappear.....and then it all kind of became M Theory in a flurry of magic and white coats. Please don't ask me how, okay, because I'm already nearly in tears with the mess I'm making of this.

M Theory, in any event, allows for the possibility of parallel universes - they are closer than your clothes, less than a trillionth of a centimetre away, you just can't sense them. (Who says?)'s not just that the Doctor may be living happily ever after with Billie Piper in a parallel universe - in itself, a miracle, because I'm not sure that anyone would have ever thought it possible to be happy with Billie Piper anywhere, let alone forever - but you, too, could very well be inhabiting a parallel universe, making different decisions, doing different things, following the other fork in the road - or maybe you're doing all the same things, but with a sensationally inappropriate haircut. Who knows?

Hardly surprising, then, that you should occasionally feel watched over by this "intimate other" you mention in your previous post. If you start to hang out with the M Theory guys - don't - then you'll soon enough wonder how you've only ever felt the presence of one.

There are a lot of you out there, Signs, so don't bother minding your step - one of you will make the right choice eventually, anyway.


We should also hope that in a parallel universe I am writing to you at this very moment in time and restricting myself to saying "great post, Signsy - Israel?!?!? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I prefer here.

Kind regards and more,


PS. Hello to Gael from ages ago (if you're reading this) - glad you got through your finals and that the music played its part. See you soon, I hope, and I'm sorry for disappearing like that and for not getting back to you earlier. Blame Signs - everyone else does.

Reading the Signs said...

David, do you know what? I think this is the first time anyone has ever cast my worrying in a positive light, and it's fairly stopped me in my tracks. Because it's true - it's about caring about one's child, whatever their age. And as long as the worry doesn't become bigger than me, it's ok.

Reading the Signs said...

McEnglishman! Mr. Stallion of Nazareth and Clonakilty, is it really you? For how can I be sure that it is you and not some other you hopped over from the parallel universe? Come to think of it, how can I be sure that this is me here talking to you? String theory: look, I'll be completely honest with you - no point in being othewise as you would probably see through any feeble attempt to pull the wool over your eyes - but I know bugger all about such things. It's not often I play the 'I'm just a feeble woman who doesn't know the difference between an alternator and a carburettor' card, but I'm tempted to play it now. Tempted, but can't quite bring myself to. I've heard about it, read a couple of things about it and still don't understand. All I can say is that my imagination takes me places it takes years for ordinary mortals to go. So yes, I get that at this very moment there may be infinite numbers of Signses and TPEs doing variations of whatever it is we are doing. And I like the notion of this possibly being behind the Intimate Other. In fact I think I'll talk to the Shrink about it, see what he says. I predict long pauses because that's his style.

Speaking of style, don't give me an inappropriate haircut (you are psychic) for I have just had one. My hairdresser is lovely but sometimes she just has an off day and gives me a Plantagenet special and there is nothing to be done but wait for it to grow out.

Listen, the worry about Son of Signs (who is even as we speak flying home from Israel) and the real possibility of his group winning is not to be scoffed at! And I will be going to a live screening of one of the events and cameras will home in on Mother in all her plantagenet glory. Yes, it's all about me, obviously.

Gorgeous to see you again, by the way.

Collin said...

I'm glad the Doctor remained Tennant for the time-being, but I'm already missing Donna.

tpe said...

Goodness me, Signs, what a glorious and sparkly reply. I'm really sorry it's taken me forever to get back here, by the way.

Anyway, I've just landed in your most recent (Bagpuss) post, so I'll keep out of your hair here - I'll know where to come, though, if things get messy upstairs.

Kind regards etc...


(PS. I know nothing about the laws of physics, just to be clear. I'm merely an engaged observer, just as baffled as the next woman.)